Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen At Jeddah CREDIT: STR/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Two-time Formula One champion Max Verstappen is widely criticized for his aggression on as well as off the field.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing’s lead driver, is poised to win his third title this year. While it may be a little too early to predict, the early sign point in the same direction. Apart from the car, which is literally flying at the moment, Max’s attacking driving style sets him apart from the rest 19 drivers on the grid. While it may have landed him on the wrong side on multiple occasions, it still remains his strongest suit.


Max Verstappen comes from a racing family. Both his parents, Joe Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen, were top race drivers during their early days. However, none of them could really excel in the field. Regardless, they ensured that they passed on the genes to their son Max. In a recent documentary film on the life of the Dutchman, his mother opened up on what led to his aggression on the track.

Max Verstappen Inherited His Aggression From His Mother

Max Verstappen
Sophie Kumpen with Max Verstappen | INSTAGRAM @sophiekumpen

Red Bull’s driver and two-time Formula One world champion, Max Verstappen, is known for his aggression. He has attracted multiple unwanted controversies on numerous occasions, including the one wherein he pushed Esteban Ocon while blaming him for a collision on the track. Moreover, he was even accused of unlawfully overtaking Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in several race events. Even his radio messages during the race remain filled with rage. Recently, his mother, Sophie Kumpen, opened up about the backlash and explained the reason behind his intensity.

Sophie Kumpen, Max Verstappen’s mother and a former racing driver herself, defended her son. She said during her days of racing, she had the same temper. She would often get pissed and angry during races, and Max probably inherited her genes. Even the Dutchman’s dad Jos Verstappen remained highly aggressive during his tenure as a race driver. Hence, Kumpen feels Max inherited a bit of both their genes and became the beast he is on the field. Despite his temper, Kumpen believes that Verstappen’s passion and determination also remain his greatest strengths. She stated that he is a natural-born racer and that has an incredible ability to focus and perform under pressure.

Verstappen’s Mother Credits Kelly Piquet For Transforming Her Son’s Life For Good

Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet
Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet. Image via Instagram.

Max Verstappen is in a relationship with Kelly Piquet, who is ten years older than him and has a daughter named Penelope from her previous relationship. Despite this, Max’s family has accepted her with open arms. The Dutchman’s mother, Sophie Kumpen, believes Kelly, the older one in the relationship, has brought much stability into the driver’s life.

Max as a child, never had a normal family. Hence, the mother-daughter duo filled up that void and changed Max’s life for good. Kumpen even notices a toned-down temper in Max Verstappen. Since he nurtures a little girl child, the Redbull driver has become more self-aware of his behavior and tends to provide Penelope with a happy family that perhaps he never had.