Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The San Diego Union – Tribune

Max Verstappen has been dominating the Formula One grid since 2021. However, in 2021 the situation was different. Max was not a champion back then. He was a challenger who posed a threat to break Lewis Hamilton’s era of hegemony. Later, Max sure did break Mercedes’ strong success as he won the last Grand Prix of 2021 in Abu Dhabi. Clearly, it was an intense and thrilling finish to the season.

But a new champion emerged in the form of a Red Bull ace, and since then, he has dominated the F1 grid coming to 2023. Max Verstappen won 15 Grands Prix last year and broke Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record for most wins in a season. This year as well, he has already won six races from eight and equaled Ayrton Senna’s Grand Prix-winning tally. The Dutchman also helped Red Bull get their 100th Grand Prix win in Formula One. However, former F1 enthusiast Eddie Jordan believes that the motorsport has become extremely boring due to Verstappen’s dominance.


Eddie Jordan Thinks Max Verstappen Is Making F1 Boring

Max Verstappen
1st place and new World Champion, Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing RB16B. 12.12.2021. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 22, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, Race Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Batchelor / XPB Images

Currently, Verstappen is enjoying a 69 points lead over his teammate Sergio Perez who is in second place. Due to Max’s dominance, Red Bull is enjoying a 154 points lead over Mercedes, who is in second place for the constructor’s title. Hence, no other team or driver has a chance to win in 2023, as it seems now. But is this hegemony of Red Bull good for the popularity of the sport? Any fan would like to see some competition, especially in racing games. But Max Verstappen and Red Bull are not giving any chance to any team or driver. Moreover, Eddie Jordan, the former McLaren driver and founder of the Jordan Grand Prix, mentioned, “I’m bored to death watching Max winning every race.”

On top of that, Jordan noted that in the future, Max Verstappen will be regarded as the greatest racer of all time. But Eddie Jordan has been getting bored with Max since the last two Grands Prix. Jordan added, “Max is so good that he is making the sport boring. Even more than what Michael Schumacher did in his era.” The great German racer won back-to-back titles from 2000 to 2005 with Ferrari. Moreover, Michael Schumacher was the only F1 driver to win seven championships until Lewis Hamilton equaled his record in 2020.

Can Red Bull Become The First Team To Win All The Races In A Season?

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: CNN

Moreover, the question of the season remains, if Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez can combine to win all the races in 2023. It has never happened before that a team has won all the races in a season. McLaren fell one short back in 1988, and Mercedes a couple short in 2016. Last year, Red Bull won 17 races. Hence, the fans are waiting to see if Red Bull can do a lot better than that this year.

However, the single-seater director of FIA, Nikolas Tombazis, gave depressing information. He mentioned that it is only a matter of time that F1 will converge and Red Bull’s hegemony will end eventually. Moreover, Tombazis spoke to Corriere della Sera that the performance convergence will happen in the next few months or early in the next season. But it will happen eventually.