Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W14 Upgrades Source: Crash.Net

Looks like Mercedes is eager to change the whole car for the following year. They have learned their lesson from the hardships after the start of their current season. The Mercedes F1 team thought that after their victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix last year, they should continue with the zero-side pod concept. But it was a major setback for their previous and the current season. As the former champions have fallen behind their arch-rivals drastically.

Red Bull currently has 154 points lead over the Silver Arrows after eight races in the 2023 season. The former has won all the races, and the latter has managed to secure only four podiums so far. Hence, the question is if the Silver Arrows can compete against the champions with their new upgrades this year or maybe next. Indeed, there is a lot to learn from the RB19 car’s superior design, thanks to Adrian Newey. But Mercedes is planning on an overhaul change of their car for the upcoming season in 2024.


Toto Wolff Feels Fundamental Changes To The Car In 2024 Won’t Breach The Cost Cap

Toto Wolff (Mercedes team Principal)
Toto Wolff (Mercedes team Principal)

After witnessing two years of mediocre performance, Mercedes should definitely bring some decent changes to their 2024 car. However, fans and experts are curious if the new upgrades and the overhaul change affect them in breaching the cost cap. But Toto Wolff explained that they have a team of 46 people in their financial department who monitor the cost cap till the last screw. He added that the team had allocated their resources to various projects. As the Mercedes boss mentioned, “We have stayed below the line previous and this year both. Hence, it won’t be an issue if we consider some fundamental developments for the next season.” He added that it’s good since they are learning more about the car and what more they can do to get it better.

Wolff also explained that they are not building any stuff. Instead, they are simulating. That money cannot measure. Instead, it is teraflops or perhaps wind tunnel hours. Lewis Hamilton also mentioned that the Mercedes car needs more rear downforce and a lot more efficiency. However, they are chipping away. The lower-speed corners are where the German team is struggling at present. As Hamilton mentioned, “We need to focus on our car for 2024 and not how to beat Red Bull.” There are a lot of changes which are necessary to be made for next year. But it does not look like they can catch up to Red Bull anytime soon.

New Upgrades Are Working For Mercedes This Year

Mercedes W14 Upgrades
Mercedes W14 Upgrades Source: Yahoo Movies UK

Apparently, when Mercedes tested their first upgrade this season in Monaco, Lewis Hamilton mentioned, “The car feels good.” But the next Grand Prix in Spain was where Mercedes had their best success so far. The Silver Arrows had their first double podium this season. Lewis Hamilton finished at P2 and George Russell at P3. In the very next Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton gained another podium.

But George Russell could not after hitting a wall. However, it is clear that the new upgrades are working for Mercedes. Moreover, team principal Toto Wolff mentioned, “Two new upgrades await us in the next four races before the summer break.” Hence, it can get more interesting if Mercedes can challenge Red Bull finally with their two new upgrades. But chances are it may not be enough to beat the superior RB19 car.