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“Max Verstappen Should Be A Little Modest,” Nico Rosberg Criticizes Red Bull Driver For His Arrogant Behaviour

There is a reason why Max Verstappen is considered one of the most arrogant drivers of Formula One. He never seems satisfied until he wins. Once, the Red Bull star stated that “second is still a loser for the first.” And perhaps this is because he did not like the P2 in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix of 2023. Just yesterday, Sergio Perez, who started the race from the pole, remained there till the finish line…

However, the hero of the Sunday was Max Verstappen, who came from P15 to the second after battling with each driver on the grid, including Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, and George Russell. Max Left them all behind and just rocked the last day like legends. Not beating his own teammate with the same car, in the end, is not a sign of weakness if you have managed to secure a one-two victory for your team. But Max does not feel it like that.


Max Verstappen Needs To Be More Gracious

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Max Verstappen During The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

The one-two win of Red Bull, with ‘Sergio Perez’ claiming the P1, is not a satisfactory result for Max Verstappen. And for this behavior of his, Max gets criticized by the former F1 world champion, Nico Rosberg. At present, after finishing the last lap of the Jeddah circuit fastest, Max Verstappen is just one point ahead of his teammate. So, why would he even be satisfied with a P2 when he only wants WIN? “I would rather have just won,” he said to Viaplay after the race.

However, the ex-Mercedes driver figures out a need to be “grateful” to Max. “It is not good to see” that Max is outbursting on the dynamic team who provided him the best car on the grid in the history of Formula One said Rosberg. In addition, Max was found absent from the team meeting held on Saturday. And this whole attitude of the 25-year-old Red Bull drivers is not liked by the 2016 F1 world champion.

It is not a good mentality,” Rosberg believes. Given that Red Bull has done such a brilliant job and worked so harder than the rest, Max has no right to remain ungrateful for what he achieves. Nico gives advice to the two-time world champion, “be more gracious.” Maybe this can make Max satisfied and a little humble towards his team/mates.

Verstappen Is Not Happy With the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Result

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Rosberg’s bold criticizing statements about Verstappen came after he said, “I am not happy to be at second.” After facing a little vibration at high speed on Sunday, Max explained how he felt about the outcome. And he by no means sounded grateful to his team. The whole team is happy, as Max said, but he himself is not, “especially when he worked so hard.”

Max Verstappen claims to win the championship because he works for it. He makes sure everything is spot on by staying awake in the factory to come in a good state on the track. Everyone in the world said, “Red Bull is just perfect.” But Verstappen said, “We need to get better” because Red Bull is still not securing a cleaner weekend. And until it happens, they need to work more. This is what makes Nico Rosberg think Max Verstappen is being ungrateful.