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Max Verstappen Pulls Away Adrian Newey’s Credits For Red Bull’s Dominance

Max Verstappen is the most dominant racer of the current generation. It is the cost cap era that the Red Bull team is dominating. Thanks to Adrian Newey, who designed the incredible cars. Also, credit goes to the engine partner, Honda. The Austrian team really owes a great deal of gratitude to the Japanese engine partners. However, at present, the reigning constructor champions are building their own powertrains. Recently, they launched their 2024 F1 challenger. It looks like they copied the sidepod design from Mercedes W14.

Anyhow, Red Bull still looks like the favorite team to win the title this year. Moreover, Max Verstappen is looking to win his fourth consecutive title. If nothing crazy happens, he should win it comfortably. Clearly, Red Bull has the fastest car on the grid since 2022. In the last two seasons, the Austrian outfit won 38 races. Out of these 38 wins, 34 belonged to Max Verstappen. This level of unprecedented dominance in the sport is due to the genius of the car designer and the star driver. However, lately, Verstappen credited a sim driver for the dominance over Newey’s contribution. 


Why Max Verstappen Credits A Sim Racer Over Adrian Newey?

Rudy van Buren
Rudy van Buren Source:

Recently, Max Verstappen said Rudy van Buren, Red Bull’s sim driver, deserves a part of the credit as well. Rudy is one of the simulator test and development racers of the Red Bull F1 team. Recently, Junaid quoted the Dutch racer saying that he has a lot of contact with Rudy. They talk about the things Rudy tried in the simulator. Moreover, Max and Rudy discuss what the latter has learned, and then the sim racer says what they should do next. Perhaps they talk about what aspect they can improve on. Moreover, Max Verstappen mentioned it is really crazy to see how a sim racer has so much influence on getting the F1 car right.

Sim racers like van Buren have a lot of influence on the setup of the car. It is not just Max Verstappen; the Red Bull technical director Pierre Wache also praised the sim racers for their efforts. Adding to that, the French engineer mentioned the team was able to have smooth pre-season testing over the previous seven days because of the work the sim racers have done in the winter break. Everybody knows Max Verstappen is an avid sim driver. Hence, he must have a lot of interest in what sim racers like Rudy have been putting on the simulator. 

Racing Is The Dutchman’s Life

Max Verstappen Sim Racing
Max Verstappen Sim Racing Source:

If Max Verstappen is not racing in Formula One, he spends his time racing virtually. He has said that several times in his previous interviews. Moreover, the Dutch driver is pretty ambitious about his future in the virtual sim racing world. The 26-year-old F1 champion spends most of his time racing virtually with his teammates from Team Redline.

The most popular sim racers of the world compete for Team Redline, like the Dutchman. Lately, this team has taken part in the racing event of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Even in that event, Max Verstappen came on top with his teammates from Team Redline, Sebastian Job, and Diogo Pinto.

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