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Max Verstappen Points Out Serious “Visibility Issues” Which Leads To Gearbox Penalty! Wants FIA To Discuss

The Red Bull star, Max Verstappen, who is a two-time Formula One world champion, is a little worried about how things go in the motorsport. “Really Poor” is what he said about the current F1 car generations. Following the incident of Esteban Ocon that took place in Bahrain, Max Verstappen figured out that things are getting problematic for the drivers to see where they park the cars in the slot. And this is a matter of concern because a driver has been penalized for it.

Not only was Ocon given a penalty for not having a clear vision about where he was parked, which gave him no benefit, but also Fernando Alonso was slapped with a 5 seconds for a similar situation. In Jeddah Corniche Circuit, indeed, a lot of on-track drama occurred. The Aston Martin car that was parked a little out of his box was considered unlawful, and thus the Spanish driver was penalized.

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Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023

However, when he was serving his penalty, the stewards saw that a guy from the British team touched the car and worked something on it within the 5 seconds. This was considered so illegal that it further took the podium away from Alonso as punishment. The silver trophy was handed over to George Russell as he was promoted to the third position from fourth, where he finished the race. But the story seemed new. Things like that had never happened before in Formula One, right? So the Aston Martin team asked FIA to be fair, and that’s how the Spaniard got the trophy back. Things in F1 are just not going alright.

Max Verstappen Finds It Very Difficult To See Outside Of TheNew Generation F1 Cars

Nevertheless, Max Verstappen recently emerged to speak about the Esteban and Fernando matter. Like it is written in the rule book that a car must be parked inside the box, they should be. But the Dutchman disagrees at a point because nowadays the size of the former cars is bigger. And for the drivers sitting inside the car, it is hard to see things outside. No driver intentionally should remain outside a box that gives him no benefit, as happened with Ocon.

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Fernando Alonso At the Saudi Arabian grand Prix

Max is unaware of how much the Aston Martin driver was out of his box. But he is aware of how painful it remains when it happens. The Red Bull driver thinks, sometimes, these make us argue with the fact that did I even gain anything going outside if it? What about the penalty I am receiving, then? “I think at a time, we do need a rule,” he said.

One thing that anyone can figure out from what happened last weekend is the same as Max said. Who takes advantage of being an inch out of his box? Verstappen finds it silly if a driver intentionally moves a little out of his box because this can do no better.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen . Credit: Alamy

Meanwhile, the two-time Red Bull champion claims, “The visibility from the car is really poor”. The main reason why Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso may have moved out of their box would have been the visibility issue, according to Max Verstappen. These generations of F1 cars are a lot different than their predecessors. And thus, a lot of new issues are being arrived at.

For the new design of cars, there must be new rules. Or the cars at least should be designed to give better visibility. Because at present, “It is really tough to see where you have stopped”, said Max. When a driver drives the car, he has no idea if he overdid it or stopped too early. So, visibility is really something that needs to be overlooked.