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Max Verstappen Or Novak Djokovic: Who Is A More Deserving Choice For The 2024 Laureus Sportsman Of The Year?

Max Verstappen and Novak Djokovic had a great time last year. They broke several records, and in their respective sports, they proved to be the best in recent times. Moreover, the Red Bull star has been unstoppable really for the past two years. Thanks to the incredible car of the Austrian outfit, the Dutch driver was able to showcase his entire skillset. Clearly, he is fast and can be ruthless at times. But there is no denying the greatness of the 26-year-old racer. On the other hand, Novak Djokovic is ten years older than the Dutch racer.

But he is still proving to be the best in his sport. The great Serbian tennis legend is still the World No. 1. In case of age as an obstacle, the Serb constantly defies all odds to remain the best in his game. That proves the value of his great work ethic and commitment. Max Verstappen in F1 proved that as well. The Dutch racer proved that he is relentless and loves nothing more than winning a race. Lately, both greats of F1 and Tennis are favorites to win the 2024 Laureus Sportsman Of The Year. 


Who Is More Deserving To Win The Coveted Award – Max Verstappen Or Novak Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic Kobe Bryant Tribute
Novak Djokovic Kobe Bryant Tribute Source: MSN

Since 2022, Max Verstappen has won 34 races. More importantly, he did not face much challenge from any fellow drivers in F1. On the other hand, the Serbian legend Novak Djokovic won several Grand Slams and other titles last year. But he faced stiff competition from a young Spanish sensation, Carlos Alcaraz. After losing the Wimbledon Finals, he lost his place as the World No. 1 for a brief time. Then, the great Serb went on to win the French Open and Australian Open. Eventually, he got back the World No. 1 spot he truly deserved. At 36, Novak is competing with a young sensation and still remaining the best in the sport.

He has been a true great inspiration for kids all around the world, and last year was a perfect example. Hence, Djokovic deserves the Laureus Sportsman of the Year Award more than the Dutch racer. However, Max Verstappen became a true great of all time in F1 after he broke Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record of most race wins in a season (13). He won 15 races in 2022 and an incredible 19 GPs in 2023. Moreover, he joined the elite club of three-time F1 champions last year. Hence, he is also worthy to win the coveted Sportsman of the Year award.

Novak And Max Have Some Stiff Competition From Their Fellow Nominees

Lionel Messi Laureus Award
Lionel Messi Laureus Award Source: Onmanorama

Who else can be a bigger threat to Novak and Max than Lionel Messi for clinching the Laureus Sportsman of the Year award? He has won this award eight times in the past. The Argentinian superstar won the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Then, he won the record eighth Ballon d’Or the following year. And later he joined his new team in Major League Soccer, the Inter Miami.

Messi led the MLS team to win their first title in the Leagues Cup. It was Messi’s 44th title. And that’s another record. The event, the 25th Laureus World Sports Awards, will take place on April 22. Hence, Djokovic and Verstappen have a big threat in the soccer legend Lionel Messi. 

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