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Max Verstappen is the current double-time champion. He is on the verge of winning his third championship in a row. Red Bull is having the best time on the grid with the fastest car as well as the fastest driver. Everybody on the grid admits that Max is the hardest to beat. Even in Jeddah, when the Dutchman was not having the best time on the track, he managed to swoop into a P2 finish. Max Verstappen fell behind at P15 at first, and later coming to the fag end of the race, he accelerated, winning the fastest lap of the race.

Albeit Sergio Perez won the race, Verstappen secured the extra point for the fastest lap and was able to hold onto the first place in the standings. Later, in Australia, the Mercedes drivers were leading for a long time, but the Dutchman held on till the last lap to beat Hamilton again to win the race. That is the brilliance of Max Verstappen. He waits for the right opportunity to beat his opponents and come home winning the race. However, this passionate racer may not stay in F1 as long as Hamilton or Alonso.


Max Verstappen Might Quit Due To Brutal F1 Calendar

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing)

The Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels the F1 calendar is getting tougher every year for drivers and the teams. Horner mentioned, “They keep increasing races every year. The drivers already have 22-23 Grands Prix to cover, and adding more to it is just too brutal.” The Red Bull boss talked about Max Verstappen being unable to stick around for too long. Horner feels, “Max has strong opinions on what he wants to do in life. If he feels the F1 calendar is getting too much, he can choose early retirement.” The Red Bull boss is right about that, as Max did say something along the lines of “I don’t like these rules anyway, and if they keep adding more races, I won’t be in the sport. We already have a lot of races throughout the year.”

Max Verstappen rightly feels that more races would make it more hectic and intense. Anyway, the Milton Keynes team is doing fairly well in the new era with new rules. However, the Red Bull boss and the star driver are not getting along well with the extreme amount of workload due to increasing races. They have warned F1 and FIA to increase any more races. Otherwise, the Dutchman might quit sooner rather than later. Max Verstappen is not fond of too many main and sprint races.

Red Bull Clash: Checo Vs Max

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull

But as things stand, the Dutchman may not face any difficulty in winning three championships in a row. Max Verstappen is far ahead of the rest of the team’s drivers. The closest to him is his teammate Checo. However, Sergio Perez is still 15 points behind the two-time champion.

Albeit, Checo has won a race in between the three races of the year as of now. The Mexican has stated that he wants to win the driver’s championship. It might lead to an enthralling battle between the two Red Bull drivers at the end of the season.