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Max Verstappen Finally Claps Back At Alex Albon For Accusing Red Bull Of Biasness

Max Verstappen is the current double-time world champion of Formula One Motorsport. Red Bull is a winner of both driver’s and constructor’s titles currently. All the teams are aware of the fact that to win the title, they have to beat the Dutchman. Last season Verstappen broke many records while winning the whole thing in a thumping style. Never before had a driver won as many as 454 points in a single season until Max did in the last time. He also became the first driver in F1 Motorsport to win as many as 15 GPs in a single season. There were 22 Grands Prix in the last two seasons when Max won. The upcoming season, however, is supposed to have 24 races.

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull

Meanwhile, in the three days of pre-season testing, Max Verstappen continued his hegemony on the grid with Red Bull’s new RB19 car. Albeit, Verstappen enjoyed the numero uno position as long as he was on the race track. But the new car attracted a fair share of criticism from different places. For instance, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pointed out that the car is 10 mm lower than usual.


And recently, the Williams racer, Alex Albon, criticized that Red Bull engineers favor Max Verstappen more as they build the car in a way he likes. Everybody knows that the Dutchman likes to drive in a certain style, and Red Bull has given their lead driver the exact machinery that suits him.

Max Verstappen Denies Any Truth In Albon’s Criticism

The car that is built on the nose and can be easily pointed at a corner, plus in case of a result of oversteering, is easy to be dealt with, for the current reigning champion is the perfect car. The Red Bull engineers design the car considering all those factors. Albon says that is well and good, but it makes life difficult for the second driver in the team. In the current scenario, it is the 33-year-old Mexican Sergio Perez. The Thai-British driver says that Max Verstappen can be the best driver at the present moment. But this special way of building the cars creates more problems for the other driver. Other drivers would have problems adjusting to the whole setup.

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull

Albon claims the Red Bull engineers tweak and tinker with the cars, especially in Max Verstappen’s style. In reply to this criticism, the Dutchman has expressed his disagreement. Max Verstappen already cleared the air last week during the pre-season test that, “I don’t think they built the car. Don’t keep in mind always what and how I like it.

On contrary to what Albon believes, the Dutchman said something very different. What if someone asked him about his driving style he won’t be able to answer correctly. It is because he adapts to what he gets in the best way he can. In the past Verstappen had mentioned that he does not interfere too much with the process of building the cars. Instead, he just made it clear that all the engineers need to do is provide him with a car that’s fast.