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“LeBron James’ Critical Ankle Injury Left Lakers In Deep Trouble,” Believes Warriors Draymond Green

LeBron James is undoubtedly the most integral part of the preparations of the Lakers to qualify for the postseason. The Lakers did have a tough time in the current season. Somehow the balance was not there in their roster, and the team struggled because of it. The front office decided to give up on the unrequired star, Russell Westbrook, whose presence was not helping the team to progress. Later, the front office managed to buy some players to fill in the gaps right before the trade deadline. Finally, the Lakers started to look good as a balanced side. The Lakers are raising the hopes of the fans as they gradually climb up the table.

LeBron James

How Vital LeBron James Is For The Lakers?

The players and the management knows they need a winning streak in the remaining games of the regular season. They had a three-match winning streak until LeBron James suffered a severe foot injury. In the very next game against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Lakers suffered a big defeat. James was present during the game to cheer for his team.


It was evident he was not able to walk freely. As per reports, LeBron James will be unavailable for the next two weeks at least. Then only after further treatment will he be allowed to get on the court. After LeBron James was ruled out of the playing team for two weeks, his well-wisher cum rival, Warriors’ Draymond Green, expressed his concern for the King. Green stated that it is not good for the Lakers and will definitely hurt them.

Draymond Green Explained Why Things Don’t Look Good For The Lakers?

On his podcast, the Warrior’s power forward further explained why James would miss out on multiple games. Green analyzed the situation of the Lakers, saying the team was looking to bounce back as they won four games out of their last five. Things were looking good. But injuries kept damaging their path forward. The Lakers are missing D’Angelo as he is out with an injury.

And now the King. But Green pointed out the main reason for concern, which is LeBron James was limping. At first, James had mentioned that he heard a popping sound in his foot, then was seen limping. Plus, he is out for an uncertain time. Albeit, fans expect him to come back two weeks later.

Draymond Green On LeBron James Injury

Green kept saying all these signs look bad for Los Angeles Lakers. Draymond Green is not wrong in his assumptions, but the Lakers fans will hope the team can keep the hopes alive. The team certainly managed to better their win-loss ratio after beating OKC Thunder 123-117. The Lakers are currently 30-33. With this victory against the Thunder, the Lakers climbed up to the 11th seed.

Now the team will need to keep the momentum in their next matches till LeBron James returns. The Lakers will face the Timberwolves next on Saturday. The fans will hope that Anthony Davis-led side can pull off a miracle in the King’s absence. Now, precisely 19 games remain, and only time will tell if the Lakers will make it to the postseason this time.