Max Verstappen is the undeniable champion of the current F1 era. He is defending a double-time world champion and is cruising to make a hat trick this year. After the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver proved that he is the fastest on the grid. Red Bull’s car is definitely the best on the grid at the moment. Other teams like the rivals Mercedes are having a tough time with their W14 car.

But Red Bull did not display any problem with their RB19 until the Grand Prix in Jeddah. On Sunday, there was a change in the results of a Grand Prix in recent times. The most familiar name in P1 actually finished second in the Saudia Arabian Grand Prix this year. Instead, his teammate from Mexico, Sergio “Checo” Perez, won the first position. In Bahrain, Checo finished in the P2. But this time, he got one step ahead. And looks like Verstappen is not too impressed with all that.


Max Verstappen Is Not Happy Being Second In The Team

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing)

Reportedly, the Dutchman is unhappy with the mechanical problems of the RB19 car that came to light in the final race in Jeddah. Max Verstappen wants that vibration problem to be fixed right away. As he mentioned, “I’m not glad about finishing second.” It was even surprising that he could finish in the second position when he started from the fifteenth position n the grid. Not just that, Max Verstappen also won an extra point for the fastest lap in the Grand Prix. It confused his teammate Checo, though.

It was a safety car that helped Max Verstappen to get to the P5 after the restart. Later, he raced to the top two positions, and as he was about to take over Checo, the car trouble made the Red Bull team tell Max not to get into any fight with Checo’s car. The Dutchman proceeded to say that everybody on the team is happy, but personally, he is not there. As he feels that when the whole team works so hard all year back at the factory, the team deserves the best result. Max Verstappen was actually frustrated even after his team clinched one point less than the best that a team can do after the first couple of Grand Prix.

Verstappen Talked About The Importance Of Two Equally Reliable Cars In A Team

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez Red Bull

Later, the Dutchman emphasized the fact that after working so hard as a team, the drivers should get equally reliable cars. Max Verstappen went on to speak with Viaplay and talked about the fastest lap time. Verstappen mentioned that if someone is at the P2, they try hard to get the extra point. He also expressed that he did not have a great day even before the Grand Prix.

Verstappen further mentioned that they should primarily focus on being the best as a team. Then they won’t have any problem. If it was the case during the race in Jeddah, the results could have been different. The Red Bull driver was happy that they could cover the damage but could not let go of the frustration saying that he must have won that race.