Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is known to be a very aggressive driver who often gets involved in fierce battles with rivals. He is a back-to-back world champion. His crashes with the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is kind of famous in the world, especially the one in which he just drove over Hamilton’s head. Probably everyone believes that Max Verstappen is the one angry young man! But deep down, is he really the same? Atze Kerkhof comes out to explain how Max makes a difference in Formula One.

Max Verstappen is a part of the Redline Team whose manager, Atze, becomes enthusiastic when he speaks about Red Bull’s ace expressions. In a Youtube channel of, the manager keeps a very different point of view for the two-time world champion. He said, “The way I know Max Verstappen is completely different from how the world sees him.”

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Not only the fact that Max is a great driver, but he is also a very direct communicating person too, which might be counted as one of the advantages of being a Dutchman. Kerkhoff fears not adding the manners of Verstappen as the Dutch manner. He believes Verstappen is a very direct person. And the Redline manager thinks, “It helps Max and the people around him a lot.”

Advises for Max Verstappen From a Well Wisher!

However, there is not only just appreciation; some of the pieces of advice are also considered for the 25-year-old driver. Kerkhof advises Verstappen as he suspects the much pressure and attention that the driver is dealing with. Indeed the way Max is winning day by day increases the expectations of his team.

In the 2022 season, Max Verstappen won 15 races all by himself. The racing moves of the reigning champion apparently attracted all the media towards him. So at this time, according to Kekhof, Max needs to keep his personal life separate from the media. “This will make sure that he can always perform on the highest level.” said the manager.

Max Verstappen

Advises From Verstappen For All The Drivers

Max Verstappen is definitely a different human. Well, this is not just a meaningless statement. Verstappen himself believes in the fact. Once he said, “Everyone has different body types.” and so he needed a different kind of training than others. When he trains himself, he doesn’t lose much muscle. And even with this training, he never really faced issues with driving a car. However, Verstappen has revealed the fact that he had to struggle more with just keeping his weight on the limit.

F1 teams

Max Verstappen believes that some of the drivers are lucky that they can eat whatever they want. However, they just need to train themselves more to keep their muscles. Being in Formula One is all about body training. This is what makes you a good driver. This helps you win the races. And once you know what your body needs, you got it, man! Just go train yourself and win. This is what Max Verstappen believes.

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