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Red Bull breaching the decided budget limit in 2021 Formula One has been the major topic of discussion in the Formula One circuit for the past weeks. Even though FIA has confirmed the alleged budget violation by Red Bull, the governing body is yet to decide the punishment for the team. In the midst of all this, many experts in sports are giving their opinions on the matter. And the latest addition to the list is Sky Sports F1\’s Martin Brundle.

Martin Brundle Holds Christian Horner Responsible For The Budge Cap!

After weeks of rumors, it was eventually revealed that Red Bull is found guilty of a \”small\” infringement of the $145 million budget cap from the previous year. This means they went over the limit by less than 5%. Sky Sports F1\’s Martin Brundle thinks Red Bull has not committed a serious crime with their cost cap violation. Even if it has officially been established that Red Bull has violated Formula 1\’s cost cap. But he encouraged the FIA to enforce its absurd regulations more strictly and to impose a severe penalty. According to Brundle, it is necessary to reexamine the regulations in order to deter future violations.


Brundle discussed the issue on the program Any Driven Monday. According to him, \”That is $7m and we know that is a massive upgrade on a car. Maybe even a B-spec for some teams\”. He added that it needs to be tightened up because there is no benefit in having $145 million and then this five percent variety.

Lately, FIA established 2021\’s budget ceiling at $145 million. All of the teams were expected to adhere to and respect the cap during the whole season. The teams were told to keep track of every penny they spent and then turn those records in for evaluation. Red Bull may have to pay a fine even though numerous sources claim that the slight overspending was due to catering services for the personnel and an incorrect interpretation of sick days.


When will Red Bull is penalized will not yet be known, according to the FIA. However, the group\’s steadfast denial results in an \”accepted violation agreement.\” With the help of the cost cap panel, they would decide on an offense and a penalty. The timing of the announcement of the fines may depend on how vehemently Red Bull wants to argue their case. The FIA lists a driver\’s and constructor\’s championship point penalty as one of the sanctions for a minor infraction. It might affect the controversial title race between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in 2021 and result in a penalty.

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