Aaron Judge

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Mariners’ Pitcher Intentionally Walks Aaron Judge To Keep Him From Hitting A Homer, Leaves Internet Divided

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ heart, is officially back to doing what he does best, scoring towering runs. He covered up for the time lost due to injury and now ranks second in the home run list, behind Pete Alonso of the Mets. Moreover, as per early projections, a healthy Judge can replicate his exceptional 2022 season this year as well. But that would also require him to stay consistent and also at the top of his game. Regardless, the fans have their hopes up.

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge destroyed the Seattle Mariner in the latter’s own den last week. The Yankees won the first two games to seal the series. And Judge played a crucial role in both games. But his game-tying crucial home run in the second game stole the limelight. However, the team stumbled in the final game as a few routine mistakes proved costly. Still, the captain had a chance to put some runs on board but was robbed of the opportunity by Mariners’ dubious tactics.


Mariners Sought Uncanny Tactics To Rob Aaron Judge Off A Home Run Scoring Opportunity

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge heads to the dugout after striking out swinging as Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh, left, stands near the plate during the fourth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, May 31, 2023, in Seattle. (Lindsey Wasson / The Associated Press)

The Seattle Mariners apparently fought back to keep their pride as a team intact in the final game against the New York Yankees. Being 0-2 down in the series, the Mariners had nothing to lose. Yet, they sought unusual tactics to keep the Yankees captain from scoring. With no runs on the board, Aaron Judge stepped on the plate in the top of the ninth inning. Moreover, with two outs, the slugger had no option but to go into full berserk mode. He only looked to swing the upcoming pitch. However, Mariner’s pitcher at the mound, Paul Sewald, pulled off an unthinkable move. He intentionally gave away a free walk to Judge.

Paul pulled off this trick to keep Aaron Judge off the plate and was happy to see him wander at the first base where he had no substantial opportunity of scoring. It worked in Mariner’s favor as a walk-off single from Cal Raleigh earned them a lead in the tenth inning as they went on to register a lone win in the three-game series. Intentional walks have long been a strategic tool employed by teams to neutralize potent hitters in crucial game situations. By intentionally walking a player, the opposing team chooses to forgo pitching to them and instead puts them on base without allowing them to swing the bat. It has often received criticism from the fans, but still, the teams continue to follow the strategy.

Yankees Fans Unhappy Over Mariner’s “Cowardly” Tactic Against Judge

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points to the Yankees’ dugout after hitting a home run. Twitter NYY

In a bold strategic move, a Seattle Mariners’ pitcher recently chose to intentionally walk New York Yankees’ powerhouse Aaron Judge in a crucial moment of a game. Judge remains in the form of his life, and if he had been on the plate for a little longer, the Yankees would have had a run on the board. Well, the Mariners knew it well the repercussions of keeping Judge on the plate. Hence, they intentionally walked him, which by the way, is totally legal.

However, Mariner’s uncanny move reignited the spirit of the game debate. The majority of the Yankee fan base claimed that the Mariners were being cowards and had no guts to face Aaron Judge. On the other hand, a few neutral fans also feel that it was a smart move to keep the dangerous hitter at bay in order to clinch the win. Overall, the spirit of the game is a highly subjective matter. There is much of a grey area around this tactic. But it’s fine as long as everything unfolds within the set rules.