Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably a modern-day legend in football. The icon is not in the golden form and having trouble with his existing club Manchester United. However, even in his tough days, the Portuguese star has been named 2022\’s Best Scorer Award at Gala Quinas de Ouro. 

Ronaldo Wins Best Scorer Award 2022!

The 2022 Gala Quinas de Ouro, held in Portugal on Tuesday, announced Cristiano Ronaldo as the winner of the greatest national scoring award. The Manchester United player received an award in honor of being Portugal\’s leading scorer. Ronaldo also shared a heartfelt Instagram post after winning the prestigious award. 


In the post, he shared how proud he was to win the award of the best scorer for his national team. Ronaldo talked about the love and honor he feels playing for his country. He also took the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to his success. Ronaldo wrote, \”Thanks again to all my teammates, coaches, my family, friends and all my fans who helped me achieve this great achievement! Together we will continue to break all possible records! Thanks.\”

In just 189 appearances, the forward has now netted 117 goals for his nation. In addition, CR7 has participated in most Portugal matches, with Joao Moutinho coming in second with 146 appearances. Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, current club colleague Bruno Fernandes, and Manchester City\’s Ruben Dias were also present at the 2022 Gala Quinas de Ouro. Meanwhile, this week, there is a UEFA Nations League match between Portugal and the Czech Republic. And Spain will require the attacker to return his attention to the field immediately.

CR7 Steps In The Boxing Ring With His Intimate Line!


Cristiano Ronaldo, the world\’s best football player, has channeled his inner boxer by using a boxing ring instead of a football pitch to offer the most recent promotion for his CR7 underwear line. The Portuguese striker posted images to his Instagram account while wearing gloves rather than boots. Ronaldo looked great in a dark-grey coat and sported green CR7 boxers and briefs. Additionally, he chose to wear gleaming golden boxing gloves while posing and leaning on a boxing ring\’s wires.

The legendary boxer Tyson Fury and Ronaldo both have a win-at-all-costs mindset, earning Fury the moniker \”Baddest Man on the Planet\”. Ronaldo is securing a similar status among football\’s all-time greats. Although, Cristiano has had difficulty getting Premier League starts this season at Manchester United after lobbying for a summer transfer abroad. However, he has already scored once this year, counting the days before Portugal\’s next World Cup run.

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