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Manchester United Mistakenly Feature Cristiano Ronaldo On Their 2023 Calenders’ Front Page!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr has been heartbreaking news for his fans. Everyone believed that Cristiano would retire at the top level of football, the European leagues. However, fate had other thoughts for one of the best and greatest players to ever play the game. Although Ronaldo has left the club, his photos have been printed on the front page of the Manchester United calendar. It is an embarrassing mistake, as the Portuguese left the club in November.

The demise of CR7 from the Red Devils was one of the most unpleasant in football history. The four-time Ballon d’Or winner gave everything to the club in his two spells over his career. Ronaldo is, without a doubt, a club legend, as he has scored 145 goals in 346 appearances. However, his return to the club at age 37 ended with the feud between him and the new manager, Erik ten Hag. The Dutch manager did not give the former Juventus forward enough play time as he would have expected. On many occasions, Ronaldo would finish 90 minutes on the bench.


The Calander Story Of Ronaldo

There must be some lottery system in the play about which player to feature in the calendar every month. And it might have been Ronaldo’s turn to get featured in the month of January to kick off the new year. However, his departure before his contract expires has made it an embarrassing and laughable mistake on United’s part. Meanwhile, Ronaldo signed the most expensive contract ever to play at Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia. The Portuguese captain will play for Al Nassr for 2.5 years, which will pay him a sum of 214 million dollars.

Although the news was a delight for the Saudi Arabians, it shocked many fans worldwide. Ronaldo always spoke about playing and finishing his career in style in Europe. But it looks like the 37-year-old had something else in his mind when he signed the contract. Currently, Al Nassr sits at the top of the 16-team league they play in their country. They have acquired 26 points in their 11-game campaign until now. Reports also suggest they will sign the PSG defender Sergio Ramos in the future. It looks like the football in Saudi will heat up as they sign the legends of the game.

Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo
Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo

It all began when Manchester United started disrespecting Ronaldo in his second year of return to the Red Devils. The new United boss could not build a relationship with the best player. So Erik ten Hag used to avoid playing him in the Premier League games, which pissed the striker. This gave Al-Nassr a chance to pose Mr. Champions League an offer he could not refuse. And with Piers Morgan’s explosive interview, Ronaldo became a free agent before his contract expired. Regardless Al-Nassr will bring him a great opportunity to add more numbers to his huge goals tally.

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