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Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees player who just re-signed his career-ending contract with the team, has made himself worthy of becoming a captain. The 30-year-old outfielder did not just break the record for most home runs in a season, but he also became the MVP of the year. Judge has been named as the best male athlete of the year by several media platforms like TIME and AP [association Press]. This made him join the list of the legends like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. The year 2022 has passed, it went average for the world, but for Aaron judge, it has been the best career year.

Looking at the stats, his performance was too much improved last year. He just made 62 home runs which replaced the highest run record that stayed for 61 years. This is enough proof that makes Judge as one of the best players. As everyone is impressed by the outfielder, Yankees manager Aaron Boone is too. However, Boone believes that the fire in Aaron’s heart that burned all previous records last year was ignited a lot before. It has always been there. And, when Aaron Judge stepped into MLB with a home run and made a record of 52 runs in his rookie season, right then, it was known that this boy would do something great in the future.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

“Aaron Judge Was Just A DifferenT Guy In 2022”- Boone

Speaking of Judge’s performance that impressed the Yankees manager, Boone said, “In 2022, I felt like Aaron Judge became a different guy on the basepaths. He stole the same bases. However, his baserunning overall was much better.” According to Boone, Judge just moved the moved his needle in a huge way by the end of the 2022 MLB world series.

And as a matter of fact, one can see what scores did he post in the 2021 season. Aaron Judge, indeed was a different guy last year, as Boone said. He had a 27.3 feet per second sprint, which is more than the average MLB average of 27. Looking at the baserunning performance of Aaron Judge, he was a 2.1 in BsR according to Per Fangraphs metrics. However, this metric comes behind the Yankees player, Aaron Hicks, who has been, 2.5. faster with fewer games. Now some might say that the debate for who is the best Yankees baserunner is over. It is obviously none other than Aaron Judge.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge

Meanwhile, speaking of the Yankees captain’s future, Boone is unsure of what scores he will make in 2023. But the manager definitely knows that he will do great. He believes that Judge is not going to settle just with one historical season last year. He will make it more.

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