Malik Beasley
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Lakers guard Malik Beasley was hurt by the hateful comments directed towards him on social media after his team’s loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Los Angeles Lakers have one of the strongest fan bases in the NBA. The 17-time champion side always enjoyed the fans’ support during their prime years. However, since the last two seasons, the team as a whole struggled massively, so as to the point that they had to strive hard just to qualify for the playoffs. Hence, during these unprecedented times, the team, unfortunately, had to face the wrath of the same fans who once showed immense love and faith.


The Lakers lost to Chicago Bulls on Sunday. For the first time since the All-Star halt, the team looked off as a unit. Just so you know, the Lakers’ fortune changed after they overhauled their lineup during the trade deadline. Since then, they have embarked on a fresh journey to the playoffs. However, Sunday’s game certainly did not go their way. Moreover, the agitated fans took over social media to express their disappointment in a rather bizarre manner.

Malik Beasley Calls Out Haters After Loss Against Bulls

Malik Beasley
LA Lakers player Malik Beasley and his wife Montana Yao (Image via Page Six)

Los Angeles Lakers acquired Malik Beasley in a three-team blockbuster trade along with D’Angelo Russell and Jarred Vanderbilt. Since donning the purple and gold jersey, Malik is averaging 11.7 points and 3.5 rebounds with a mere 34.9 percent from the deep end. Moreover, in the recent game against the Chicago Bulls, he clubbed 18 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds. Certainly, it did not help the Lakers in their winning cause as they landed on the other side at a crucial moment of the season.

Well, a particular portion of the Lakers fan base did not take it well and attacked Beasley on social media. Soon after the game, Malik Beasley shared a social media post celebrating his son’s 4th birthday. However, the post’s comment section was filled with hateful comments, wherein the trolls targeted him for the loss against the Bulls.

Clearly hurt by the hate, the guard wrote a statement calling out the haters and asked them to be a little respectful towards his family and ex-wife. He further promised the fans that he is working as hard as anyone to contribute to the team, and when his time comes, he will deliver. Lastly, he asked the Lakers nation to stay patient and focused on the playoffs.

NBA Fans Call Lakers Fanbase “Toxic” After Malik Beasley’s Instagram Comment Goes Viral

Hours after Malik Beasley called out hate on his social media handle, NBA fans reacted strongly to it and criticized the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase for spreading unnecessary hate. Many Twitter users referred to the Lakers fan base as one of the most toxic fan bases to ever exist. They slammed trollers for uncalled hate on a player’s family who has nothing to do with the game whatsoever.

Athletes are soft targets of negative comments on social media, with some even receiving death threats. Beasley’s remarks serve as a reminder that athletes are human beings who are vulnerable to the same emotions and hurt as anyone else. While criticism is an important aspect of sports, there is no place for hate and personal attacks. The line needs to be drawn at some point.