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EXPLAINED: What Are The Chances Of Los Angeles Lakers Making To The Playoffs This Season?

The Lakers had a troublesome season so far with several injuries and confusion with the balance in the roster. But the Lakers have come a long way from that situation. They are very happy with what they have got at the moment. Albeit, some extra players to strengthen the bench would make the Lakers more comfortable for sure. But right now, the only thing that is a big concern is the problem with injuries. LeBron James is out with a tendon injury in his right foot. Mo Bamba has been unavailable for a long time with an injury.

The players that are fit and doing the trick for the franchise have also come back after missing several games due to injuries. The Lakers are gradually rising to the top ten. Anthony Davis had to, and he has been the leading star for the turnaround. After James was set to be unavailable for a couple of weeks, AD took the charge and, since then, has been absolutely brilliant. D’Angelo Russell, too, made an impact as soon as he returned from an ankle injury. Now, these top guns of the Lakers are wreaking havoc in the Western Conference.


Anthony Davis credits the chemistry in the unit for the recent dominant performances. The last match against the Pelicans was a perfect display of the new energy in the Lakers unit that they are on song. He was again the most valuable player of the last game as he scored yet another 35 points and 17 rebounds. AD was successful in shooting 61.1% after taking the rebounds.

The Lakers Are In A Delicate Situation!

As Anthony Davis puts it that the game against the New Orleans franchise was a very crucial one. The Lakers are high on morale as all the players performed really well. In both the defense and attack, the team executed their plans brilliantly. Slowly and steadily, the team is inching closer to confirming their place in the top ten.

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LeBron James and D’Angelo Russell Lakers (Image via Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)

Currently, the LA franchise is the 10th seed of their conference. The Los Angeles Franchise is only two games behind the defending champions, who are the fifth seed. But the way things stand at the moment is pretty poised for the LA team. The Lakers can win big or lose everything in their remaining 13 games in the regular season. As they are very close to winning a playoff spot, they are also very close to falling down to the 13th spot. The current 13th seed, i.e., the Trail Blazers, is only three games behind the Lakers.

The Lakers are at present 34-35. On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors are 36-33, and the Trail Blazers are 31-38. Hence, whatever it takes, the Los Angeles team has to hold on to their winning streak. They need to carry on with the same momentum. Otherwise, it can slip away from their grip at any time. But the good news for the Lakers is that they are enjoying a comparatively easy game in the last phase of the regular season. They need to capitalize on this to the fullest.