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The New York Yankees made valuable trades last season which proved to be game changers. For instance, the Yankees engaged with Oakland Athletics for a package trade deal. The Yanks essentially made the deal to acquire Frankie Montas, and Lou Trivino was just an add-on. Whereas the Bronx Bombers exchanged JP Sears, Ken Waldichuk, Luis Medina, and Cooper Bowman with the Athletics.

Little did the Yankees know that Lou Trivino would emerge as the predominant one of the package. While Montas went down with a shoulder injury after just eight games of the 2022 MLB season, Lou impressed all by registering his career-best performance. Furthermore, this year, the pitcher is likely to play a more prominent and active role in the roster for the Yankees.


Lou Trivino Could Be Yankees Trump Card In the 2023 Season

Lou Trivino-Yankees

31-year-old pitcher, Lou Trivino, made his professional debut with the Oakland Athletics in 2018. After a strong few seasons, the pitcher won the reliever of the month award in July 2021. However, in the postseason, Lou was added to the package deal for trade to the Yankees along with Frankie Montas. The Athletics anticipated that Lou Trivino would ask for higher payroll in the extension deal and hence decided to let the pitcher move away.

A man\’s loss is another man\’s gain. The Yankees benefitted the most from the trade as Lou Trivino emerged as the best-underrated pitcher of the bullpen. His number shot up after wearing the pinstripes. Lou fooled the hitters with soft contact. Moreover, his BB/9 went up to 4.15. Overall, Lou featured 21.2 innings for the Yankees and registered a 1.66 ERA and 3.34 FIP.

Further, after signing an extension deal worth $4.1 million, the pitcher will have a more significant role to play in the 2023 season. If he continues the same run from last year, Lou Trivino could be the Yankees\’ trump card this year, as he could also play the role of a closer this year.

Frankie Montas Out For The First Month Of The 2023 Season

Frankie Montas-Yankees

While Lou Trivino was an instant hit, the Frankie Montas deal has not gone down well for the New York Yankees. After just eight games, the pitcher was ruled out due to a shoulder injury. Further, as the injury finally healed and Frankie regained health, the shoulder inflammation resurfaced. Moreover, the inflammation will keep Montas out for at least for the first month of the 2023 MLB season.

Frankie\’s ouster is a significant setback for the Yankees, who were looking to place the pitcher in the starting rotation. On top of that, while being so close to the opening day, any more trade looks unlikely. Hence, the Bombers will have to make adjustments internally. Clarke Schmidt is the front-runner to grab Montas\’ spot as of now.

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