D'Angelo Russell Lakers
D’Angelo Russell Lakers Vs Nuggets Source: Yahoo Sports

Indeed, Los Angeles Lakers have a lot to figure out in the offseason to get a solid team ready for the next season. However, the team is struggling with their cap space. In comparison with teams like Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, and even Orlando Magic, their cap space is a far cry. Primarily it is because of the presence of their top two stars – LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The front office of the LA side is unable to imagine at present how the team will stand without the two stalwarts. Other players in the roster kind of rally around the James-Davis duo. The team is even preparing to keep some of the supporting role players in the team.

For instance, Austin Reaves, a new fan favorite, and the Japanese player Rui Hachimura are the team’s top priorities not to let go after James and Davis. However, D’Angelo Russell and Dennis Schroder can be used as a possible trade options to sign some quality point guards from other teams. Albeit, AR and Hachimura will become restricted free agents. On the other hand, D’Lo will be an unrestricted free agent. Hence, it is an easier and more viable option to trade Russell. Although, the Lakers are still pondering about it as they have not come to a conclusion as of yet.


Lakers Still Not Sure About D’Angelo Russell’s Stay In The Team This Offseason

D'Angelo Russell Austin Reaves Lakers
D’Angelo Russell Austin Reaves Lakers

Previously, D’Angelo Russell had stated that he would like to play for Miami Heat next. Perhaps he meant it would be easier to reach the NBA Finals with the Heat. Moreover, his poor outing in the Western Conference Finals triggered the viability of a trade option. He just had an average of 6.3 points and a 32% shooting average against the Denver Nuggets in the WCF. That is why Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fisher suggested that the Lakers are interested in a trade with Phoenix Suns for D’Lo in exchange for Chris Paul.

But the Lakers would not want to lose Russell for anything. He is an asset, and they are planning to put him to proper use. D’Lo Russell is worth a $30 million deal, and the LA franchise cannot rush into things about trading him. However, Russell’s value is not as high as it was in the regular season.

D’Lo Was Nothing But Grateful For The Chance To Return To The LA Side

The Lakers point guard
D’Angelo Russell. Source – one sports

It seems the Phoneix Suns had an interest in signing Russell before the February trade deadline. But the Timberwolves traded him to the Lakers instead. However, if they still have some interest left in Russell, they can trade Chris Paul to the Lakers. Although, D’Angelo Russell, who made his NBA debut for the Los Angeles Lakers, is pretty happy about the way things turned out on his return to the Lakers. He even mentioned that “It was a great experience. And a complete success. I cannot complain about anything but when the balls go when I want to. I enjoyed my time here in LA with this franchise.” Now, the question arises is, will the Lakers trade D’Lo despite him wishing to stay for long? Only time will tell.