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Uzma Fatima

London Dockpits Another Destination For Formula One! Track Already In Development

Ever wondered what a multi-storeyed F1 pitlane will look like? It is no more imagination because London is soon featuring its riverfront area as the unique pitlane of Formula One.

As per the reports, for the London Grand Prix, there will soon be a redevelopment of the docklands. They are planning to envisage a waterfront destination destined for sports, leisure, and entertainment, which will be globally recognized. For this project, several groups have come forward, including environmental experts. LDN, collectively with a consultancy firm known as DAR, is working together. Apparently, London Grand Prix will be launched soon in Formula One, and it will definitely be a high-speed street circuit with the world’s attention towards it for the beautiful location.


The London street circuit will include several unique kinds of stuff. The style will be different from others as it will be a 3.64-miles path with 22 corners. Drivers would be able to drive their championship single-seaters at an average speed of 127 mph. And the estimated lap time envisioned for the f1 drivers at the London venue is 1m42s.

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London image credit: Eurosport

The other special features of the future street circuit will hold some targets. First of all, it aims to maximize the overtaking of cars. This will be done with the help of heavy break zones, which will allow the drivers to not only drive their car but drive it at full throttle.

The London Formula One Street Circuit Will Have A Place For All Fans!

The London street circuit will be more like the Silverstone and like Montreal. It will allow two Britain Grand Prix in the future. The engineers will design the plot for the track in a way that will also pave the way for cycling and running. There will be outstanding floating modules, and this will also develop grandstands that will hold 95,000 fans. Not only will the grandstands be extraordinary, but it will also have entertainment facilities as mentioned autosport. It will increase the viewing points for fans and will give space around the tracks and pitlanes.

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London Street Circuit

But the most important and noticeable thing that will attract billions of audiences to the London Grand Prix will be the multi-storeyed pitlane. Running along the first floor and loading excel, it will also comprise the Formula E and London E-Prix contests.

Speaking of how far the preparation has gone, the CEO of LDN collective admitted, “Just as F1 is interested in hosting the race here, we have also designed a perfect track that meets all their demands and regulations.”
And good for fans excited about the beautiful pitlane is that they have already discussed the proposals with the authorities. And now a full and final water-based plan is getting prepared on which the workers will start working soon. The Newham council has already been informed. And looking at the benefit that London itself would get with the F1 Grand Prix, it seems like the Greater London Authority will definitely accept it.