Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has lost his grip on the title since losing to Max Verstappen in 2021. Since then, there has been only one driver who dominated the grid. No other driver even came close to being a threat to Max Verstappen. On the other hand, Hamilton has not won a single race since last year. It has been the most prolonged period for the seven-time champion to be winless. He never had a season before 2022, when he had a winless year. It all comes down to the Mercedes car that really let Hamilton down. He hopes to come back stronger next year and start taking a stronghold of the season from the very beginning.

Clearly, it depends on the Mercedes car and its engines. The W14 car showed hope at certain levels of the season but never got to finish at P1. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes would hope the W15 car would do better. However, the P1 spot this season only belonged to one team, and that’s Mercedes arch-rivals, Red Bulls. However, Lewis Hamilton is trying his best to win as many points as he can for his team but struggling with the car, especially its rear-end downforce. Recently in an interview, Lewis Hamilton compared Max Verstappen with a movie villain.


Lewis Hamilton Compared Max Verstappen To A Famous Movie Villain

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Austin Powers
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Austin Powers Source: The Mirror

According to Business News, Lewis Hamilton answered a question if Max Verstappen is finding it too easy to win at the top with a dominant RB19 car. In reply to that question, Hamilton answered, “I don’t what to tell you, Max is smoking and eating pancakes. Can you name the movie?” The movie is 2002 released Austin Powers in Goldmember. Moreover, the villain, “Goldmember,” in the film is Dutch.

In the movie, the villain asked Austin Powers in a very Dutch accent if he would like to smoke and have pancakes. However, it was not the first time when Lewis Hamilton compared Max Verstappen to Goldmember. In one press conference, Hamilton compared the Verstappen’s accent while saying “Father” to Goldmember. Moreover, the two rivals have such hilarious banter once in a while.

Red Bull Is Enjoying An Unprecedented Dominance In F1

Red Bull Boss Drivers
Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

The Milton Keynes team has won all the races so far. They have broken the McLaren team’s record of 1988 as the longest unbeaten streak. However, more than the car, the credit should go to one driver named Max Verstappen. He had a phenomenal run since last year. In 2022, the Dutchman won 15 races, and his teammate Sergio Perez won a couple of races. Moreover, in the ongoing season, Max Verstappen has won 10 races already. The Dutchman is enjoying an eight-race winning streak at present.

Again, his teammate Checo won a couple of races. But still, there are ten more races to go. The second half of the season will resume after the summer break. Anyhow, it looks too good for Red Bull and Max Verstappen at the moment. People can already expect who will win this year’s Driver’s World Championship and which team will get the constructor’s title. But teams like McLaren, Aston Martin, and Ferrari will try to beat Mercedes to finish second in the constructor’s title.