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What Does “You’ll Talk To Me Now” Radio Message Between Christian Horner & Sergio Perez Of Red Bull Mean?

Sergio Perez is having a tough time on the grid. Moreover, he lost his way after his second Grand Prix win this year came in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Everybody expected him to do well in the Monaco Grand Prix, which suits his racing style too. But Checo disappointed his fans and his team since then. Moreover, he had a couple of issues in the Q3 session. The only driver to win a race this year other than Max Verstappen has been Perez. Hence, it has been Red Bull’s unbeaten run.

But the question is, what happened to Sergio Perez? Why can’t he learn a little consistency from his teammate? There have been moments this season when it felt like Red Bull would replace Checo as their second driver. Moreover, the team’s advisor, Helmut Marko, was visibly upset with the Mexican driver. Recently in Spa, there was a radio conversation between Red Bull boss Christian Horner and Sergio Perez that caught the attention of the viewers.


Sergio Perez Says He Had A Joke Moment With His Boss Christian Horner

Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull
Sergio Perez Christian Horner Source: RacingNews365

After Checo qualified for third place on Friday, Horner congratulated him. In reply, Sergio Perez mentioned, “Ah, you will talk to me now.” Fans and every viewer wondered what that was all about. Later, Red Bull’s boss replied to Checo, saying he would talk to him as Horner asked him to qualify among the top five. Moreover, Sergio Perez finished second on Sunday in Spa. In the post-race press conference, Sergio Perez cleared all the doubts about that radio message. The Mexican mentioned that it was a joke, nothing else.

Earlier, Christian Horner had told him before qualifying that if he didn’t get into the top three, he wouldn’t talk to him for the rest of the weekend. Adding to that, Sergio Perez mentioned that he was now talking to him for the rest of the weekend. Moreover, Christian Horner had complimented Checo in public, saying that qualifying for third place on Friday “was a statement drive.” After a long time, Red Bull had a one-two finish this season. Hence, Horner and the team would hope that Sergio Perez maintains consistency from here on. 

Red Bull Broke McLaren’s Record, But The Driver’s Dynamics Are Different

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Essentially Sports

Red Bull won the last race of the 2022 season as well. Hence, Red Bull now has the longest winning streak in Formula One history. They broke McLaren’s record for the 1988 season. But that McLaren team had Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, two of the greats of the game. They had a tight competition between the two to win the championship.

It means that both McLaren drivers back then contributed more or less equally to help the team win the title in a dominating style. However, this season, it has not been more or less an equal share of victories for the Red Bull drivers. On the contrary, it has been quite the opposite. Max Verstappen is the only driver standing for the Red Bull team, winning every race except those two for Checo in the early phase of the season.