With Max Verstappen’s 15 Grand Prix wins and two back-to-back championships, people started believing that he would soon replace Lewis Hamilton where he stands in Formula One. Just two years ago, there was only Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, the most GP winner, the GOAT! But just after two years, there is Max on every tongue. At one end, where Lewis Hamilton passed the worst year in his entire career, Max Verstappen enjoyed the best season in 2022 at another end.

The ending of last year probably was the end of Hamilton’s dominance in Formula One, as it had zero victories in his favor. But the above can only be said with pride when Max Verstappen continues his dominance in 2023, too, which seems difficult. This is because Lewis Hamilton, who is 38, now has quite an experience of championship wins, and he believes that it is “very hard to stay at the top”.

Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen- Lewis Hamilton

For two years, Max Verstappen is succeeding in beating Lewis Hamilton. In 2021 the world was presented with very fierce battles that took place in Formula One. Among all the fights that happened between several drivers, only the rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen created an intensity so high that it persisted till today.

Especially in the battle of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen took Hamilton’s eighth title, making his maiden championship victory. This was hurtful for the seven-time world champion; he was so close to breaking Schumacher’s record but eventually lost the opportunity. This year when Hamilton returned back to take that, he lost again. No good news for Hamilton in the entire 2022 season, except the one in Brazil, not for the second on the podium, but for getting the honorary citizenship.

“Mercedes Want To Return Back In 2023”- Lewis Hamilton

However, after spending the entire winless season, Lewis Hamilton has something to say to Verstappen. The Mercedes star says, “I know how hard it is to get on the top and stay there constantly.” Lewis Hamilton has been in Formula One for the past 15 years. He has won 103 GP races and definitely has experience of being in the sky among the stars. However, when he shares the feelings of being there, it does not sound pretty beautiful. Hamilton believes that the past successful years left him with a little emptiness. And, it is kind of weird because it is really something incredible” [something that one dream of].

Lewis Hamilton

However, the highly disappointed 2022 could not demotivate the seven-time world champion and team Mercedes. Rather it has re-energized them. Now the team can enjoy minor success too that was once nothing for them, like winning the season’s only race. Mercedes being the team with eight consecutive constructor’s championships, probably forgot how it feels to lose. This year when the team failed continuously and finally won in Brazil with George Russell’s maiden win, they realized that the minor success could be enjoyed too.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton stated, “Now, we [Mercedes] want to return back on the back and it is what has given hope during the end of the 2022 season.” So fans need not worry; the champion is well aware of what he got to do now. The Silver Arrows is working hard to make a flawless W14 and has claimed that it will beat Red Bull and Ferrari next season.

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