Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton had a tough outing last season, as he was not able to win a single race. The W13 silver livery car caused all sorts of problems for both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. There were some nig porpoising issues with the W13 car. Due to that, the drivers had to tackle some vehement bouncing which in turn hurt their back and neck.

As a result, Mercedes drivers suffered a lot of bruises. At the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, Hamilton was severely injured with bruises and back pain. But the team had been working on the car’s development since the mid-season in 2022. Other than porpoising, there were issues with the side pods and the horsepower of the W13 car.

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Mercedes was unable to find the perfect weight of the vehicle, which caused a lot of trouble on the race track. However, the fans, drivers, and the team will hope that all these problems are in the past. And now, the brand-new W14 car is out in the world to lead Hamilton to his ultimate goal, the eighth world champion title.

Lewis Hamilton’s Another Chance To Secure The Champion Title

During the auspicious occasion of the car launch, the drivers expressed their excitement about the new car. Lewis Hamilton mentioned, “It is absolutely fascinating to see how the car has evolved and the changes the team has made. It is awe-inspiring after all the innovations, redesigning, and optimizing we have done to several parts of the vehicle.

For me, the livery is the most attractive part of the car. The livery gives the vibe that ‘we mean business.'” Hamilton expressed how he feels about his own mindset before the 2023 season kicks off. He added, “I’m very excited to get on the race track. I am calm, energetic, and focused. I’ll do anything and everything to win another championship.”

Lewis Hamilton-George Russell
Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

On the other hand, the birthday boy, George Russell, expressed his feelings after the unveiling of the Mercedes car for the new season. Russell credits the team for their outstanding effort as he mentioned, “I’m very impressed with how the whole team got the car ready for the 2023 season. The team started working on all the troubles we were facing in the car.

Hence the car’s condition got a little better halfway through last season. But we are excited to see how the development of the W14 car panned out.” Team Principal Toto Wolff also claimed, “visually, it looks stunning.” The team’s third driver, Mick Schumacher, was also present at the event and mentioned he is pretty hopeful with the new W14 car.      

W13 Was Not The Only Obstacle For Lewis Hamilton

For the seven-time champion, though, the W13 car was not the only trouble to tackle. Being the only black driver in Formula One Motorsport, the odds never favored Hamilton. All his life Lewis Hamilton had to face racism and discrimination. Since he grew up in a land that is the top tier of whites, Great Britain. On the podcast, On Purpose, speaking to Jay Shetty, Lewis described how “traumatic” his school life in England was.

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Lewis Hamilton

Today at 38, when he is the most accomplished F1 racer in history, but the battle against racism is still not over. This time Hamilton has to fight against the governing body of his sport, FIA, for the right to free speech for everyone in the F1 circuit. Lewis Hamilton says whatever it takes, he will not stop fighting against racism.