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Lewis Hamilton Shows Full Support To Mercedes Boss While Slamming FIA At 2023 Gala Event

Sir Lewis Hamilton never hesitates to lend his voice to what he thinks is right. In the process, he often found himself in conflict with the governing body. Recently, the governing body did something that pissed Hamilton even more. In the last few days, FIA caused major trouble in the lives of the Wolff family, especially Susie Wolff. The governing body launched an investigation for an alleged breach of confidentiality on Susie Wolff. It took the concerned authorities a couple of days to end the investigation for a conflict of interest.

On Thursday, the FIA ended the investigation, saying the compliance rules were pretty robust for any confidentiality breach to happen. However, this kind of harassment did not sit well with the Mercedes team. Lewis Hamilton said the last week was disappointing as well as challenging. He showed support for the Managing Director of F1 Academy and blasted the governing body for their conduct.


Lewis Hamilton Supports Susie Wolff All The Way Against FIA

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December 5, 2021, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: HAMILTON Lewis (gbr), Mercedes AMG F1 GP W12 E Performance, portrait, celebrating his win with BOTTAS Valtteri (fin), Susie Wolff and all the Mercedes AMG team during the Formula 1 stc Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021, 21th round of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship from December 3 to 5, 2021 on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Photo DPPI/LiveMedia (Credit Image: © Dppi/LPS via ZUMA Press)

After witnessing the recent drama, Hamilton believes that the FIA’s actions were “Unacceptable.” On top of that, the seven-time champion told the reporters that it was disappointing to see the authorities questioning the integrity of one of the most incredible female leaders F1 has. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton claimed the FIA launched the investigation without asking Susie Wolff any questions and with no evidence. Later, Mercedes issued a statement from their team principal. The statement said the team reserves all legal rights and wanted full transparency about what happened and the reasons for that. Apparently, they were in active legal exchange with the governing body.

Separately, Susie Wolff stated that the FIA’s actions were just not good enough, and they must demand that they also deserve better as a sport. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton mentioned the FIA’s actions were a complete disconnect from their subject on diversity. However, Hamilton feels there are a lot of good people in FIA working towards more diversity. Adding to that, Lewis Hamilton also used a quote from the former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama: “When They Go Low, We Go High.” It was Hamilton’s way of showing complete support to Susie Wolff.

Why Hamilton And FIA Never Really Had Great Understanding?

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Lewis Hamilton Muhammed Ben Sulayem FIA Source: PlanetF1

There are a lot of things about the seven-time champion that the FIA does not like. Since he is the only F1 driver of color, he has faced a lot of racism since his go-karting days. Even during his school days, he was a victim of racism and bullying. Moreover, he had trained himself to be stronger to face these challenges since his younger days. However, any kind of racism or unfair way of treating people in the sport does not sit well with the Mercedes star.

Hence, he often asks his fellow F1 drivers to stand with him at the paddock to mark a protest against racism. However, the governing body does not like this practice of protesting right before a race. Hence, FIA tried to introduce new rules for the drivers to express their grievances or protests in ways the governing body wanted. Moreover, the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and FIA never really was very conflict-free.