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“That’s A Mistake,” Draymond Green Takes Warriors’ Responsibility For Last Minute Loss To Thunder!

The Golden State Warriors are not having a great season so far. They have missed several chances throughout the season to finish a game with a win. But the current season didn’t start well at all. Currently, the Warriors are 10-12. They are the 11th seed at present in the Western Conference. Moreover, their main players, except Stephen Curry, have not played well so far this regular season.

Moreover, a player like Draymond Green, who has been a permanent member of this Warriors dynasty, has not played in a responsible fashion so far. Green returned to the lineup recently. He came back from a 5-game suspension. Lately, in the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Draymond Green fouled Chet Holmgren with only 7.2 seconds remaining.


Green’s Foul Cost Warriors The Game Against The Thunder

Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Moreover, Draymond Green fouled the Thunder rookie outside the arc. Hence, Holmgren got three free throw chances. He converted all three. The game went to overtime because before that Green’s foul, the Warriors were leading the game by 3. Hence, it was because of that irresponsible foul the game went to overtime and the GSW lost it eventually. It was a close finish as the Thunder beat the Warriors 138-136. Later, Draymond Green accepted his fault and not in a subtle way either. In the post-game interview, Draymond Green mentioned that they’ve talked about not fouling when they are up three points.

Nobody wants to give the opponent a chance to shoot three free throws. Green mentioned that, personally, he felt he had the Thunder rookie before he started his upward motion. It even looked very close in the replay, as per Green. Anyway, he knew that if it was close, they would go with the call on the floor. And it was a call for three shots. Draymond Green said he really messed it up. He knows that if a rookie commits this mistake, it is understandable. But it is not okay when a guy in his 12th year does that. 

GSW Wants To Keep Building Their Dynasty

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

Moreover, the San Francisco franchise had been through a lot of highs and lows this year. Last season, they came pretty close to make it to another conference final. But they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in Round 2 of the playoffs. However, they were the defending champions and they had never lost in playoffs before making it to the conference finals. Hence, it was a humiliating loss for the Warriors at the hands of LeBron James and his Lakers’ army. Moreover, the Warriors intend to win their 5th title in ten years. They have established a modern-day dynasty.

Since 2015, the San Francisco-based team has won four titles. Before 2025, they plan to end with five titles. Hence, it will be a perfect domination for a decade like the Lakers did in the 1980s and 2000s. However, the Chicago Bulls won as many as six titles in the 1990s, thanks to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Now, in that Bulls team, there was a player named Steve Kerr. Later, Kerr coached the Warriors to become a modern-day dynasty. Now, the fans expect them to win again.