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Lewis Hamilton Reveals The ONE Reason For Which He Can Leave Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton, after spending almost ten years in Mercedes, has become a family of the team. He joined the team in 2013 when no one was ready to accept Mercedes’ offer because they were known for their weak cars. But Hamilton joined and became a star shining together. He won six championships and made Mercedes win eight constructors’ trophies. However, today after ten years, things have turned a little complicated. With the regular disappointments coming from the Mercedes car since 2022, a question is melting down on social media, “Will Lewis Hamilton Quit Mercedes by the end of 2023?”

The current contract of Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes ends this year. And despite those rumors of a new two years contract, there has been no official news about any kind of extension in the deal. Amidst this, the fact that Hamilton has revealed the reasons why he would ever leave Mercedes comes into the light.

lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton cleaning his W14 Mercedes car

This season, Red Bull has adopted the one-two-finish style of winning races. Moreover, given the Mercedes’ customer team, Aston Martin’s rise, and the weak W14 car, Hamilton can expect zero probability of his own championship win. In the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull got 1-2 positions, while Mercedes got 5-7. Same in Saudi Arabia, Red Bull won with a one-two finish, with Sergio Perez claiming the win and Max Verstappen second on the podium. But Mercedes got P5-4, with Hamilton repeating the same finish and George Russell improving with three positions ahead. Now, the Mercedes superstar, who claimed that the RB19 is the fastest car he has ever seen, is 22 points behind Max Verstappen.

A Youngster Will Become Lewis Hamilton’s Reason To Quit Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton still shows no hatred for Mercedes. He just outbursted once a little for getting ignored by the team when he suggests something. But even after that, he claimed, “I continue to feel that I am at home in Mercedes.” But when Lewis Hamilton sees himself in Mercedes? “Until my last days,” Lewis confirmed for the same.

Now the question is, Will Lewis Hamilton ever leave Mercedes? Yes, he will. But only when “I will feel I am unable to help the Mercedes drive forward, and it is the time for a YOUNGSTER to come,” Lewis said.

Mick Schumacher
Mick Schumacher

Therefore, the only reason why ever Hamilton would like to quit Mercedes is when he feels like he is consuming the opportunity for a deserving young driver. And at present, there is no such driver except for Mick Schumacher. He is now a reserved driver of Mercedes. But Mick is not much skilled yet to get aside the seven-time world champion.

Now, let’s talk about the plus points why Lewis Hamilton would sign the new contract with Mercedes if provided. First of all, the W14 is “a little better than W13,” as Hamilton himself said. Second, he loves the allies at Mercedes. He is aware that it can take a little longer to catch up with the car ahead. But it is not impossible for Mercedes to come back! The team has promised game-changing upgrades. And if it works, then there will be no reason for Hamilton to deny the new offer letter of the Brackley team.