Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton. Source – PLANETF1.COM

Lewis Hamilton has been one of the best racers in the world. He is responsible for breaking every single record set in the sport’s history. A racer who dominated all the other teams single-handedly and consistently for seven years. Mercedes’ dominance began in 2013, and no other team even came close to them until 2020. But F1 is somewhat of an individual sport and a team sport as well. Every team has two drivers, and so did Mercedes over the years. But Hamilton has revealed his favorite teammate over many years in F1.

F1 offers cutting-edge competition, and sometimes the racers even end up racing against each other as well. Everyone wants to prove their worth to the world, and sometimes, it can come at the expense of the teammate. Often times the two racers also end up racing each other, which causes major problems for the brand as a team. And there have been various crashes between the teammates which leads to getting both cars out of the race. However, Lewis Hamilton describes his relationship with this teammate as special.


Lewis Hamilton Considers Valtteri Bottas As One Of The Best Teammates

Lewis Hamiton and Valtteri Bottas. Source - wtf1.

The two joined forces with each other in 2017 when Mercedes were already on their title-winning streak. But Valtteri Bottas came to the team to help them win more constructor’s championships. And that is exactly what he helped them with by always tailing behind Lewis Hamilton, coming second in every race. It was quite obvious that he was not the main man in the Mercedes, and on many occasions, he had to sacrifice himself for the team. But it never left a dent in the relationship they had.

It can be a challenging task to be a teammate to the world champion as he becomes the major priority. However, Bottas did an amazing job when he was part of Mercedes for five years. Lewis Hamilton said that they would communicate on everything whenever there was a mistake on the track. This is what solidifies their relationship more than any other duo on the track. All these memories of Bottas flashed by Hamilton when he saw the video released by Mercedes. The video had a recap of his past ten years with the team.

Niki Lauda Did Not Like Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Nikki Lauda. Source - skysports.com

The British racing driver had so much potential that people knew he would be champion even before he entered F1. And he proved his worth in his debut year in 2007 when he gave Fernando Alonso a hard time on the track. Later his hard work and the performance ended up impressing the three-time world champion Niki Lauda. He changed Hamilton’s life with one phone call when he called him to join Mercedes.

The call that later changed Lewis’ life first led him to confusion because he always believed that Niki did not like him. The late legendary driver was almost a little too critical of him. However, when the two had a conversation in depth, Lewis Hamilton realized that they had a lot in common.