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Lewis Hamilton Questioning Mercedes’ Strategy Despite Mega Improvement In Singapore GP!

After the Singaporean Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has gained a place higher at the points table above Fernando Alonso. The seven-time champion climbed up to third place, and the Spaniard fell further back. However, Mercedes and Hamilton are still winless. After 15 races, it is quite clear that Red Bull and Max Verstappen will be the eventual champions. However, the Austrian team won’t be able to finish the season remaining unbeaten.

Ferrari, the old horse, won the Singaporean Grand Prix last Sunday. Clearly, they had an advantage after securing pole position. Carlos Sainz Jr. is the new winner of a race this season after the two Red Bull drivers. In the post-race conference, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he is slowly getting back to his natural pace. But Hamilton blamed himself for struggling with a lap. The seven-time champion praised his team for their new pit-stop strategy.


Lewis Hamilton Blames His Own Driving Style And Performance

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: GPblog

In an interview with Sky Sports, Lewis Hamilton mentioned Mercedes needed another ten laps approximately to win with that new strategy. Anyway, he liked the fact that his team gave the idea a go. However, Lewis Hamilton could not hide his disappointment at the fact that he should have won the pole position on Saturday. Moreover, Hamilton believes Mercedes had a pretty good weekend in Singapore. George Russell’s pace and performance impressed everybody this weekend, including Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, Hamilton feels the Marina Bay race was pretty much textbook-like for Mercedes as they did a great job with the new strategy.

Hamilton feels his team’s performance at the qualifying sessions needs improvements. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton says he needs to work on his driving style that ruined the race for his team last Sunday. Hence, the blame is just not on the car or Russell. Hamilton will keep pushing himself and the car, but there won’t be any satisfaction until he gets there. There are a lot of different things he is looking to change. On the other hand, George Russell was understandably emotional as he narrowly missed out on a podium finish. He mentioned, “Long and Difficult race. Also, it was hard to keep concentration when Carlos was doing such a great job.” 

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ends Red Bull And Max Verstappen’s Winning Streak

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: FirstSportz

Finally, Red Bull RB19’s dominance has ended. But it was not Mercedes, the arch-rivals, who broke the Red Bull’s streak. It was the other powerhouse, Ferrari and Carlos Sainz, steered the wheel to victory. But questions remain on why Mercedes could not match the pace of Ferrari to gain a top position. Moreover, McLaren’s Lando Norris was also faster than the two Mercedes drivers. However, it was a close fight between four drivers – Carlos Sainz Jr., Lando Norris, and two Mercedes drivers till the final few laps.

Unfortunately for George Russell, he lost the balance of his car and ended up having a DNF in the Singaporean Grand Prix. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton was in fourth place until George was fighting with Norris for second place. But when Russell lost balance and hit a wall, Hamilton moved on to third, and Max Verstappen came on to fifth.