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Lewis Hamilton On Cloud Nine After A Long Time! Booming Bussiness Crosses $100M Valuation

Sir Lewis Hamilton may not be having success at present on the race track, but that does not stop him from gaining other success. He is very busy even outside the F1 community. The seven-time F1 champion owns a number of brands in fashion, lifestyle, sports, and different genres.

Hamilton is a co-owner of an NFL team, the Denver Broncos. He recently launched his film production house, Dawn Apollo. Not only that, a new Brad Pitt film on Formula One is in the making, and it is one of the first projects of Hamilton’s production house. The Mercedes driver is actively part of the filmmaking process as Pitt has often spent time with Lewis recently. But a significant source of Lewis Hamilton’s income is his vegan food chain, Neat Burger. Hamilton launched this venture in 2019. Apparently, it is doing exceptionally well and has already surpassed the milestone valuation.


Lewis Hamilton Is Earning MEGA Profits As Neat Burger Reaches $100m Valuation

Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger
Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger Source: Feed the Lion

The seven-time champion is celebrating after his burger venture Neat Burger exceeded the valuation worth $100 million. The value of the food chain is a hundred million dollars at present. Lewis Hamilton established the vegan food chain at first in eight different locations in London. Recently, he opened the first outlet of Neat Burger outside the United Kingdom in April, somewhere in New York. Reportedly, Financial Times suggests that this new opening in New York has paid dividends. After coming to New York, the burger chain earned $18 million more. The Financial Times report also says that Neat Burger has impressively grown 40% in the last couple of years.

This impressive growth would not have been possible without their new investors. Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, LionTree, a boutique bank along with B-Flexion, the family office of Ernesto Bertarelli, a Swiss billionaire, are some of the new investors of Neat Burger. However, there is a concern over the supply of poor-quality plant-based options on the market. Apparently, Neat Burger’s co-founder Zack Bishti claims that diners are getting tired of vegan food. The poor quality plant product is not helping anybody. Bishti told The Telegraph that they had got a shot, and big companies are trying to capitalize on the craze of the type of foods. There are some meat lovers who try these plant-based products once, and if they don’t like the experience, they will write them off.

Neat Burger Is A Source Of Joy In These Challenging Times

Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger
Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger Source: VegNews

Other than the success of Neat Burger, Lewis Hamilton had more lucrative deals coming his way. Ferrari is interested in signing a contract with the seven-time champion. Reportedly, John Elkann, Ferrari President, wants to offer Lewis Hamilton 40 million pounds to move to Ferrari from Mercedes in 2024.

Despite his business, Hamilton has been struggling to win a race since the penultimate Grand Prix of 2021 in Saudia Arabia. However, he did get his 192nd podium finish at the Australian Grand Prix this year. But the Mercedes car W14 is not making life easier. However, Neat Burger’s success is producing some sort of joy for the seven-time champion.