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WATCH: Max Verstappen Makes A Ruthless “Ageist” Comment For His Teammate Sergio Perez At Monaco GP

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is leading the current Formula One season with a vast gap from the rest of the drivers on the grid. The only driver who is the closest to him is his teammate Sergio Perez. Clearly, Red Bull has the fastest car, which helps the two drivers maintain a healthy lead over the rest. However, Checo seems to make errors every now and then, which leads Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso to close the gap between them. Currently, Alonso is only 12 points away from Checo in third place.

Although Verstappen is now 39 points ahead of Checo, which is a big points gap. But the good news for Red Bull is that the team is a long way ahead of the rest in the constructor’s title standings as they have won all the races so far. Red Bull is 129 points ahead of the team in second position, Aston Martin. However, Mercedes is only a point behind Aston Martin. But it is clear that Red Bull is once again dominating the season with six wins in six races so far. No other team looks as comfortable as the leaders of the points table. As a result, fans are able to witness a positive environment around the Red Bull paddock area and among the drivers as well. Not just that, they are even trolling and pranking each other.


Max Verstappen Brutally Trolls Teammate Sergio Perez For Being “Old”

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

For some time now, the two Red Bull drivers had both good and bad moments on and off the track. They can be fierce rivals as well as good friends. However, the duo has a significant age difference. Sergio Perez is 33 years old, whereas Max Verstappen is just 25 years old. But it does not stop the Red Bull drivers from making pranks and jokes. Recently in Monaco, at the Red Bull’s meet, the drivers received a question – “How it felt when you drove the F1 car for the first time?” At that moment, Verstappen brutally trolled Checo for his age, saying, “For Checo, it must be 30 years ago.

Apparently, Sergio Perez made his F1 debut a decade ago at the Australian Grand Prix in 2011. He also became the first Mexican driver to race in 30 years. But this kind of banter is not new at the Red Bull camp. The three drivers of Red Bull, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Daniel Ricciardo, are pretty fun-loving people. They are often called the ‘party lovers.’ But on the race track, they show the world that there is nobody better than them.

Red Bull Wishes To Win The Constructor’s Title Back To Back

After a long time, the Austrian team won the constructor’s title in the previous year. They would like to repeat the same this year. But in cases of the quality of the two drivers in the Red Bull team, there is no doubt that Max Verstappen is the best. Despite Sergio Perez made a lot of noise as he won in Saudia Arabia and Azerbaijan, everybody knows who is the best.

Red Bull Boss Drivers
Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Max Verstappen has proved time and again why he is the back-to-back double-time champion in Formula One. Before the cost cap law, he had a tough battle with Lewis Hamilton in 2021 when he emerged victorious for the first time. Last year was a big testament as Max just dominated the grid, winning 15 races out of 22. It looks like he plans to better his previous year’s record this season. He has four wins out of the first six.