Lewis Hamilton is the name of the Formula One universe that needs no introduction. He is one of the most successful and popular Formula One drivers. At present, he drives for Mercedes in Formula One championships. Initially, he has competed for McLaren from 2007 to 2012. Hamilton is currently sharing the no. 1 position for the most title wins along with Michael Schumacher with a total of seven wins. However, if he wins this season, then he will surpass Schumacher to become the most successful Formula One drivers of all time. The exceptional talent and achievements of Hamilton make him the highest-paid driver in the history of F1. So, what is the career earnings of the highest-paid driver? Here is everything to know about Lewis Hamilton Net Worth. 

Lewis Hamilton Career Earnings & Salary

Hamilton is trying his best to win the record eighth title this season for Mercedes. At present, his paycheck is higher than any other driver\’s. The base salary of Hamilton is 47 Million Euros. Not only that, but he also gets a bonus of 3.4 Million Euros. Also, if the season expands, then he will further earn 6 Million Euros. So, if we combine all of this, then his overall salary will become 56.4 Million Euros. 


Hamilton began his F1 career back in 1998. He joined the young driver program for McLaren, and then after nine years, he became an official driver for this company. Lewis Hamilton has competed in a total of 14 seasons where he earned an estimated amount of 370 Million Euros. There is a reason why Hamilton is one of the richest British sportspersons. 


Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Hamilton likes to live his life in leisure. On the track, he drives some of the most expensive cars, and when he is not competing, he uses his private jet to travel around. He has a Bombardier Challenger 605 that costs around $16.5 Million. Since Hamilton earns quite more than an average individual, he has to pay a lot of taxes as well. So, if we deduct all the taxes and other expenses, Lewis Hamilton Net Worth stands around 305 Million Euros. 

Hamilton\’s Career

Lewis Hamilton\’s Formula One career kick-started back in 2007 when he started driving for McLaren. Hamilton is also the only black driver to compete in the Formula One Championships. He holds the record for the most podium finishes, pole positions, and most wins, among others. However, Hamilton\’s times McLaren wasn\’t really memorable. The highly successful era for this British driver started in 2014 when F1 mandated the use of turbo-hybrid engines. Hamilton never stopped since then and became the most successful F1 driver. Not only that, but he also becomes the highest-earning driver of all time as well. At present, he is competing to win his eighth title. If he successfully emerges victorious this season, then Hamilton will become the very first driver in history to win eight F1 championships. 

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