Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes Driver

There is indeed a battle going on between Lewis Hamilton and FIA’s president Mohammed Ben Sulayem. First, the jewelry ban that he imposed in Formula One, and the second one started after FIA set a ban on making political statements via the sports platform. Hamilton was the only driver to feel the impact of those laws.

Last year when FIA asked all teams to submit self scrutineering form assuring that their drivers are not entitled to any jewelry on their bodies, Hamilton got into a little dispute. Not disobeying the f1 regulations but following the doctor’s advice, Lewis continued with his nose piercing last year. FIA found it a rule break and penalized him with a fine of $25000. He paid the amount for it because removing the nose resulted in an infection. Like that, the 2022 season ended, and so did the jewelry controversy, too.

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Lewis Hamilton At The 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

But once again, when a new season began, the jewelry thing got highlighted. The drama this time turned into a Hamilton Vs. FIA battle. Lewis Hamilton chose to stand on his grounds, did not fill out the scrutineering form, and remained excluded from the list of clean sheet drivers. Now we all had to see if Hamilton would win or FIA, and the result finally emerged.

Lewis Hamilton Wins The Battle FIA Started For His Nose Piercing

Last day, Lewis Hamilton got an exemption from the jewelry ban. He even wore a helmet describing his support of LGBTQ+ rights. Hamilton won the internal battle, and FIA could not stop him from following his morals.

The seven-time world champion wore the helmet involving a social issue that might get considered a rule break of FIA’s latest ban. But the fact that Hamilton did not MAKE a political statement, he perhaps is safe. And for the jewelry, team Mercedes sent FIA the medical reports of Hamilton in which the doctors described the attempts of removal of the nose piercing as “concerning about disfigurement.” FIA accepted the medical request and allowed Hamilton to have the nose studs for the entire season.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, the other thing that surprised fans was ASTON MARTIN. Isn’t Mercedes the team supposed to throw a comeback this year? But the team which, in fact, is having a strong comeback is the Martins. Following Red Bull’s concept of side pods, Aston Martin indeed took a huge step forward, bringing Fernando Alonso to lead the way first in Bahrain’s free practice. The Spaniard was the fastest driver to complete a single lap on soft tyres. Max Verstappen was the second. And Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were somewhere too back to the 8th and 13th of the grid.

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Aston Martin 2023

Team Mercedes may have won Hamilton’s invisible battle with FIA. But they are unable to win the visible battles with rivals on the track. The W14 still needs mountain-like work to be done. An evolution after evolution is getting prepared by the technical chief Andrew Shovlin. Today’s qualification session also showed that Mercedes’s new F1 challenger is somewhat working as a douchebag like W13. Despite all the hard work, Russell & Hamilton will start at P6 & P7 at tomorrow’s main race.