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FIA’s Official Document Confirms Lewis Hamilton Once Again Stern On His Decision! Not Adhering To Jewellery Ban

Formula One fans always must wonder how Lewis Hamilton and FIA ended up creating a dramatic battle every time before a new season begins. Today also, just ahead of the first 2023 F1 season’s race, the seven-time world champion once again chose his grounds and morality. He is standing against the entire governing body of Formula One. In the F1 Technical Delegate’s Report released today, there were names of all the F1 drivers adhering to the complete scrutineering declaration, except for Lewis Hamilton.

According to the official document, “The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team has not yet confirmed for their driver, Lewis Hamilton securing number 44 in the self-scrutineering sheet, that he is following the FIA jewellery ban regulation or not.” In the Free Practice session taking place today at Sakhir, Mercedes has not yet submitted the form n behalf of Hamilton. It is not yet confirmed that he will not adorn any body piercing or metal neck chains, or even watches.


The ‘Jewelry Ban’ Drama, Born In 2022, Continues With Its Sequel Part In 2023

Hamilton Vs. FIA, for the same ‘jewellery ban’ matter, is not rising for the first time. It all started last year when the governing body, for the first time, imposed a ban on wearing any kind of piercing while driving the F1 car. According to the regulation, each team is supposed to submit a self-scrutineering sheet to the governing body before the Grand Prix starts.

The form must clarify and hold the responsibility for the driver being free from any metal piercing. However, there are some exceptions as well, like wedding rings. They can wear the ring if they want to. So apparently, the problem is only with nose pins? Because Lewis Hamilton is the only driver, who is affected by the rule for wearing just a little nose pin this year, and also last year.

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On top of that, FIA charged Hamilton a penalty of $24,500 in 2022 because he did not remove the nose piercing while racing. But by no means did the seven-time world champion try to be a stud for not obeying the rules. Hamilton was actually facing medical conditions by removing the nose pin, which he had been wearing for a prolonged period. The Briton also submitted the doctor’s prescription describing the piercing removal as an infection. But, FIA claimed it was a rule break and charged him a fine. Although fans were fumed by this action of the FIA president. Even Sebastian Vettel agreed that it was a direct target for Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton Might Not Let FIA Win This Time

However, now that, once again, FIA has chosen to start the drama, fans are participating equally to defend the Mercedes driver. One of the fan pages, YourF1Guy, on social media described the issue as “the major debate about this is because the jewellery ban regulation has an exception for wedding rings and some other items.” Lewis Hamilton is not married, and he doesn’t have a ring. But he has a style; his nose pins, which apparently can’t be removed.

Lewis Hamilton Jewellery Ban

When the ban came out last year, which seemed like a direct on Lewis, it got a pretty good reply. Hamilton said, “It came in 2005. There was a time when we all wore jewellery our whole careers. This has never been a problem in the past.” And apparently, there are no non-stupid reasons this time too. Hamilton denied the fact that it is okay to keep revising the self scrutineering sheet each weekend. He believes that sports have bigger things to do other than dealing with what one wears.

However, now that the drama has started before the Bahrain Grand Prix let’s see how deep it goes this time. Will Hamilton let it go or fight against the constant unnecessary targets on him?