Anyone who follows Formula One knows that Lewis Hamilton is not exactly what you’d call a fan of Red Bull. However, the tables have turned in the 2022 Formula One. On the one hand, where Mercedes and Hamilton are having a bad time. On the other hand, Red Bull is putting up an amazing performance. As a result, even Lewis Hamilton couldn’t help but praise the Austrian team. 

Lewis Hamilton Is Impressed By Red Bull!

Red Bull isn’t exactly a favorite team of Lewis Hamilton. Lately, the seven-time world champion has made a contentious statement earlier. He called Red Bull, a racing company, saying, “Red Bull are not a manufacturer, they are a drinks company. It’s a drinks company versus McLaren, Ferrari history”.

However, with the kind of dominance the team asserted in the 2022 season, the Brit couldn’t help but be impressed. Hamilton claimed that Red Bull had disproved his earlier statements regarding the team before this weekend’s race at Zandvoort. After Max Verstappen’s convincing victory in Belgium, Lewis Hamilton praised Red Bull’s car for their speed and efficiency. Red Bull’s behind-the-scenes personnel deserves greater acclaim, and they specifically mentioned the most successful car designer in F1.

The seven-time world champion has admitted that the Red Bull team has proven him wrong. Hamilton says he has been more impressed by Red Bull’s car designer Adrian Newey than by Max Verstappen’s driving this season. He believes Red Bull’s success under the new rules wasn’t a great surprise. This is because its design boss Newey had previously written his thesis on ground effect cars while still an undergraduate. Although, while talking about Mercedes, Hamilton stated that his team will bounce back. He mentioned, “It’s no surprise that what he’s created this year is impressive but I believe in the young guns in our team that will catch up.”

Red Bull

In 2022, Verstappen and Red Bull have made an electrifying duo. Following an entirely successful weekend in Belgium, they are heading to the Dutch GP, which is the home of the current world champion, with a sizable title lead. Last Sunday, despite starting in 14th place, Max Verstappen prevailed by nearly 20 seconds. And he is now just four victories away from the record 13 in a single season. 

On the other side, since the big car regulation modifications this year, Hamilton’s Mercedes team has had difficulty. Mercedes and Hamilton are yet to pick up a victory this year. However, Lewis claims that he still enjoys the challenge of their 2022 vehicle and still longs for a better vehicle in 2023.

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