In the recent Belgian Grand Prix, the seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton escaped a great tragedy after surviving a crash with Fernando Alonso with little damage. The crash sent Hamilton’s Mercedes flying into the air. Meanwhile, Hamilton’s fans all around the world are concerned about his well-being and that of Alonso. After the crash, Lewis Hamilton revealed how terrible it was, and he feels lucky to have survived.  

Lewis Hamilton Nearly Broke Back In The Crash!

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton started from position P4 at the Belgian Grand Prix. Lewis was hoping to win his first race by taking advantage of the grid penalties for Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. On the first lap of Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix, the two seasoned competitors were vying for second place when they collided at Les Combes. Hamilton was lifted into the air as he collided with Alpine’s Fernando Alonso’s car. The onboard video demonstrates precisely how high Lewis drove his Mercedes, with him fixedly gazing down at the tarmac at one point. 

Lewis experienced a significant jolt when he descended back to the ground once gravity intervened. After a few turns, it became clear that the impact was sufficient to end Hamilton’s chances of winning the race. He then pulled his Mercedes W13 to the side of the track, seemingly unharmed, and started the arduous trek back to the paddock. But when the Mercedes driver returned to the paddock after the blow of the fall, reporters began to inquire about his condition. Lewis said that he might have been fortunate to walk away from the incident unharmed.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton spoke out about the effects of his collision with Fernando Alonso during the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix yesterday. Following his crash, which he claims almost shattered his back, Hamilton says he is thankful to still be in good form. He stated, “I nearly broke my back coming down. It was a big hit. I just remember looking at the ground. It was quite high.” Lewis continued as “It was definitely high. I’m grateful to be still alive and in shape.”

Hamilton Received Warning For Not Going To The Medical Centre!

After colliding with Fernando from Alpine on the first lap, Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the race. He tried to finish the race before being told to park his car, which resulted in his first DNF of the year. If sensors in an F1 car detect an impact above a specific level, the medical car will instantly deploy. And drivers are usually sent to the race track medical facility after that.

However, Lewis Hamilton resisted going to the hospital on this particular occasion. The stewards decided to give Hamilton a warning instead of a penalty. Noting that this is not the first occasion this season that drivers have declined to go to the hospital following an accident. It happened before this season when drivers first objected to having a medical checkup.

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