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Lewis Hamilton Downplays Winning Chances At Brazil As He Expects Max Verstappen To Sweep 17th Season Win!

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been going through a rough patch since last season. It was for the first time in his career that he ended a season winless. Moreover, he’s about to have another winless season this year unless he wins in any of the remaining three races. But looking at where the Mercedes car is at present, it does not raise Hamilton’s hope any higher. Mercedes is taking almost the whole season to figure out the car and plan for the development process of the next year’s car accordingly.

Recently, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that the progress of Mercedes has been satisfactory this season, especially after the new floor upgrade. In a recent interview, when a reporter asked him about his prospect of winning the Brazilian GP, the British driver mentioned, “I really don’t know.” Adding to that, Hamilton said there is nothing to dazzle him yet in terms of the W14 car’s progress.


The Seven-Time Champion Is More Keen To Solidify His Team’s Place At P2 In The Constructor’s Championship Than Beating Red Bull In Brazil

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Sports Rush

Hamilton mentioned even last year, the car looked better at the end. But still, they were 1.5 seconds behind at the start of the current season. However, Hamilton said the only reason he’s happy and proud is because of the great work that’s happening in the background. It helped him gain a few podium finishes lately. Anyhow, the main aim of Hamilton at present is to solidify his team’s place at P2 this season. He said it is essential for everybody in the team. Most importantly, Lewis Hamilton is looking at long-term goals for the team. But he is afraid that Red Bull is going to “Blitz it.”

After all, the RB19 car has been magnificent. However, Hamilton hopes that if it happens the other way around, then he would love to take the fight to Red Bull. He doesn’t want to leave empty-handed this year like what happened last season. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton hopes that his team gets the strategy better at the Brazilian GP like they were able to do in Austin this year. Then Mercedes can hope for an incredible result. In his long and illustrious career, Lewis Hamilton won the Brazilian Grand Prix on three occasions. He clinched his maiden title in the iconic Interlagos in the year 2008. Moreover, he made a heroic comeback in the 2021 Brazilian GP. 

Can Lewis Hamilton Win In Brazil This Year?

Lewis Hamilton Brazilian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Brazilian Grand Prix Source: The Guardian

However, the fans hope to see the seven-time champion win in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Last year, Mercedes had a one-two finish in Sao Paolo, Brazil. But Lewis Hamilton came second as his teammate George Russell won his maiden Grand Prix in his debut season for Mercedes. In fact, last season, Hamilton lost to his teammate, who made a great start for Mercedes. As Hamilton puts it, like one is a legend if one gets to beat a seven-time champion.

But it’s alright to lose to a seven-time champion as a teammate in one’s debut season for a team. Hence, according to Hamilton, Russell had no serious pressure last season. But this year, Lewis Hamilton has performed much better than his teammate. However, the Mercedes drivers are still looking for their first victory this season. According to Lewis Hamilton, it is pointless to think they can beat Max Verstappen and Red Bull in Brazil. Instead, he looks forward to taking the fight to Red Bull next season.