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“Lewis Hamilton Does Not Get Enough Credit For The Team Player He Is At Mercedes,” Explains Will Buxton

Lewis Hamilton has established his name as one of the greats of Formula One Motorsport of all time. He has fought against all odds to get to this stage where he is only a driver’s title away from being officially called the GOAT. He is the only driver of color in the F1 universe, so he significantly impacts the sport more. But nobody must deny his contribution to the rise of Mercedes. The Brackley-based team had nicely complemented Lewis Hamilton with their spectacular cars over the years. Albeit, last year was a disaster as the Silver Arrows managed to win a single race in Sao Paolo, Brazil. There are many critics, especially haters, who call Hamilton “lucky” to be part of Mercedes.

These haters feel Lewis Hamilton gets great cars that help him to win races. And there is no contribution from the seven-time champion. It is false, as the F1 presenter and reporter for Liberty Media, Will Buxton, suggests that people should be more aware of Hamilton’s behind-the-camera activities for Mercedes. Buxton mentioned that “last season proved the theory that Hamilton only wins because of the great cars of the Mercedes, like the W09 and W11, is wrong. He stayed back and let the young Russell go for glory, whereas tried to find out how the issues with the W13 car could be fixed. To the Mercedez-Benz team, Hamilton’s inputs are invaluable.”


Will Believes Lewis Hamilton Deserves More Credit

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Will Buxton raised the question as to why people give “zero credit” to Lewis Hamilton for his contribution to the factory? Furthermore, Buxton mentioned, “Hamilton got a load of responsibility last year, including driving a horrible car.” It was Lewis who led the team in fixing the problems of the previous year. He took the responsibility to be there with the team.

And turn things around, specifying the changes that were necessary. Buxton also credited George Russell for focusing on bringing the points and results in for the team. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton was trying to figure out how can the team get a faster car. He added, “Russell gave his best to win the fourth spot. But Hamilton focused on why the W13 car was not working out for the team.”

Why These Praises From Will To Lewis Is Weird?

All these praises coming from Will Buxton for Lewis Hamilton is nothing but weird. Will Buxton is famous for being a Max Verstappen fan. However, he is a journalist who should not make any comments with bias. But Buxton sometimes does. It started with the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2021. When Verstappen made an illegal move, that caused both Hamilton and him to go wide in turn 4.

The officials did not take any action against the Dutchman, and Buxton agreed with them. That’s the reason why this sudden change is so weird. A different attitude towards Verstappen’s arch-rival came as a shock to a lot of netizens. Will Buxton often appears in the hit Netflix show, Drive To Survive. Hence, fans wonder if he will say something so nice about Lewis Hamilton in the upcoming fifth season of the documentary series.