Lewis Hamilton-George Russell
Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

Last Sunday, Mexican Grand Prix came to a conclusion with Max Verstappen\’s record 14th win OF the 2022 season. On the other hand, Mercedes\’s Lewis Hamilton came really close to his first GP win of the season. However, he could only finish second behind his biggest rival. Meanwhile, some fans and experts feel like George Russell did his courtesy at the first turn, which he did not receive back from the elder Briton. 

Lewis Hamilton Did Not Show George Russell Courtesy Says Martin Brundle!

F1 Pundit Martin Brundle has claimed that Lewis Hamilton did not return the same courtesy that he received during their positional struggle in the opening turn of Sunday\’s Mexican Grand Prix. On Saturday, Russell held less than a second qualification advantage over his countryman. He was in a great position to compete against Max Verstappen as they traveled down the long straight.

Martin Brundle And George Russell

Verstappen went to the dirty side of the track to block any movement because he was aware of the impending challenge. Hamilton positioned himself behind Russell to provide the perfect slipstream as a result. However, George Russell drove out wide for the racing line while his teammate stayed inside to try to make a move going into the following chicane.

Hamilton demanded the right of way. Therefore, Russell was compelled to let him go, forcing the 24-year-old to round the corner bump. However, Sergio Perez placed him under pressure by driving wide around Turn 3. As a result, Russell dropped from second to fourth due to Perez\’s move into the following corner. He made that possible by improved traction coming out of the previous corner.

Brundle claims that George Russell, who had collided with Carlos Sainz\’s side in Austin the week before, was thinking of the USGP when he engaged Hamilton in combat. The 63-year-old F1 commentator thinks the two Mercedes drivers\’ competition needed to be better balanced. Despite Red Bull and Mercedes having quite different strategies, the top four on the grid finished exactly where they had been after the first four corners. Apparently, Mercedes appeared to be expecting that the medium composition would work in their favor. And push Red Bull into a two-stop strategy.

Russell Not Holding Any Grudge With Lewis Hamilton

George Russell

Meanwhile, Russell has no issues with Lewis Hamilton\’s aggressive driving, despite the fact that it caused him to fall from second to fourth on Lap 1 in Mexico. Lewis Hamilton is not the subject of George Russell\’s resentment, he claims. The younger Mercedes driver was forced to the outside on the opening lap in Mexico by the seven-time World Champion. Despite starting second on the grid for the Mexico Grand Prix, Russell was passed by Hamilton at Turn 3 and forced wide. Additionally, Sergio Perez used the opportunity to overtake Russell and move up to the third place.

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