Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton Apple
Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton Apple

Formula One Lewis Hamilton is evidently known for many up works outside the world of motorsport. Along with a vegan food venture, an American football team, Mission 44, and many more, the seven-time world champion launched his film production company, Dawn Apollo, back last year. Since then, people have been waiting for its first movie. Fans are even more excited after the news that suggested Brad Pitt is involved with the film. And the good news for F1 fans is that the movie will be about a fictional F1 driver’s life.

To prepare for the movie, for many months, Brad Pitt has been visiting the Mercedes camp and talking with the producer and the seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton. They have been planning to film a little bit during the British Grand Prix. There is a chance that Pitt might drive to Silverstone this weekend. Clearly, the production and the actor himself are putting a lot of effort into making this movie a grand success. Fans are eagerly waiting. =That is why Hamilton feels the movie he is making after collaborating with Apple TV will beat Drive To Survive’s popularity.


Lewis Hamilton Believes His New F1 Film Will Eclipse Drive To Survive

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While announcing the movie, Lewis Hamilton expressed his feelings that the authenticity of the movie is essential. Hence, Brad Pitt will indeed drive an F2 car, APXGP, of a modified version. Apparently, Hamilton is very excited to work with Top Gun: Maverick makers, Joseph Kosinski, the director, and Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer. In this film, Pitt plays the role of an F1 driver coming out of retirement to race with a rising star, while Damson Idris, a British actor, will play the role of the rising star.

Reportedly, Lewis even missed his chance to work with Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick due to his racing career. The makers of the movie offered Hamilton to be part of that film. But he wants to make the most out of the movie starring Brad Pitt. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton wants to overshadow the Netflix series, Drive To Survive with his new film. During the pandemic, the Netflix documentary series played an essential role in popularizing Formula One in the USA. Due to the impact of Drive To Survive, the F1 pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube saw a 99% increase in viewership and membership.

The Seven-Time Champion Is Nothing But Grateful To The Current F1 Officials

Apex GP Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton
Apex GP Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton Source: PlanetF1

Lewis Hamilton also told the Associated Press that he is grateful to the current F1 officials for allowing him the shooting this film. He compares the current officials to the previous group saying the former officials did not see the value of such a project in the growth of the sport. But he credits the Netflix series with popularizing the sport across the globe, especially in America. But Lewis Hamilton believes that this film, under his production house, will go beyond the popular realm of the Drive to Survive series. Moreover, Hamilton had nothing but praise for the team he was working with for the movie.

At first, Lewis Hamilton praised the director, saying, “He is amazing, and what Joe did with Maverick was incredible. Especially those fighter jet scenes.” Moreover, with the same technology making this F1 film will only raise hopes. Many fans and critics have questioned the casting of Pitt as an F1 driver at 59. Lewis Hamilton defended Pitt saying, “First of all, Brad is aging backward; he looks great for his age.” The actor has been training, and since it is a Hollywood film, they will make it believable at the end of the day.