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Sir Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are the only two F1 drivers to win seven Driver’s world championships. In 2020, the Briton equaled the great German. On the other hand, the oldest Driver currently racing in F1, Fernando Alonso was the Driver who broke the winning streak of Schumacher in 2005. More than a decade ago, it was unthinkable for anyone being able to break his record.

But today, Lewis Hamilton also has seven titles and more than 100 GP wins. However, the legacy and impact of the great German racer reached beyond the F1 Motorsport. Recently, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso paid heartfelt tributes to the legend for his documentary, “Being Michael Schumacher.” It is clear from seeing the admirations how revolutionary impact the Ferrari legend had on the sport.


Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso Remembers The Greatness Of Michael Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Source: Sky Sports

The documentary on the legend will air in Germany, marking a decade since the fatal skiing accident. This documentary aims to capture special moments from his enduring legacy in the sport and his monumental career. Lewis Hamilton succeeded Michael Schumacher in the Mercedes team after he retired in 2012. The Briton called the other seven-time champion a benchmark in the F1 Motorsport. Hamilton walks down memory lane saying Schumacher won the race when Ayrton Senna died. After the legendary Brazilian’s death, Schumacher became the most dominant driver on the grid. Hamilton called the great German a “Full-out great racer.”

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso remembers he lost more than he won against the great Schumacher. Moreover, the Spaniard said Michael Schumacher was an inspiration of every racer during his go-karting days. On top of that, Fernando Alonso credits Schumacher for changing the sport for the better. Alonso said the physical preparation, work ethic and determination of Schumacher changed the approach of the F1 racers. Moreover, the docu-series is a five-part series, and it will shed some light on his personal life as well. For instance, his wife Corinna maintained privacy during his recovery. The docu-series will air on ARD on December 14, exclusively in Germany.   

In 2012, The Great German Raced In F1 For The Last Time

Michael Schumacher Mercedes 2010-2012
German driver Michael Schumacher blows a kiss in the parc ferme after the qualifying session at the Circuit de Monaco on May 26, 2012 in Monte Carlo ahead of the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF (Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP)

The Spaniard has been a two-time World champion with the Renault team. Alonso won a couple of titles in 2005 and 2006. Later, Hamilton and Alonso were teammates in 2007 for McLaren. Lewis made his F1 debut with McLaren in that same year. Moreover, Hamilton had the best debut season in F1 history. He finished second in 2007 with 109 points when Kimi Raikkonen won the title with 110 points. Hence, Lewis Hamilton had a great chance to win his maiden title in his debut season.

However, he won it in his sophomore season beating Felipe Massa of the Ferrari team back then. On the other hand, Michael Schumacher came out of retirement to race for Mercedes in the 2010 season. Later, he raced for a couple more seasons after coming out of retirement. In 2012, the great German raced in F1 for the last time. However, with seven championships and 91 Grand Prix wins, Michael Schumacher had changed the sport forever.