Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: Eurosport

Stephen Curry helped the Golden State Warriors become the modern-day dynasty. Clearly, without the Chef, the Warriors would be nowhere near being multiple-time champions in a decade. Before Steph burst onto the scene, the Warriors were three-time champions in their franchise’s history. But the last time they won a title was back in 1975. It had been a long time since the San Francisco-based franchise could call themselves champions. But things started to change in 2009 when the GSW drafted a “Skinny Kid” from Akron, Ohio.

Many naysayers claimed that every player that comes from Akron is not LeBron James. It is true, but Stephen Curry just needed to be himself. He may not have the gigantic physique that most NBA players have. But what he could and can do, no other players can match that ability. Even the coach, Steve Kerr, has a lot of faith in Curry. Recently, in an interview with The Headliners, Steve Kerr and Steph Curry discussed the success of the GSW in the last eight seasons.


Dubs Coach Says Curry Is Among The Greatest Showmen He Has Ever Seen

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

Steve Kerr told Rachel Nichols that Curry has been one of the greatest showmen there ever has been. Moreover, the Dubs coach pointed out Steph’s desire to do what nobody else has done before. On top of that, Kerr said Stephen Curry is not afraid of shooting when the clock starts to wind down, even if it lowers his field goal percentage. That’s the reason why the Dubs coach cannot stop praising the main man of his team. However, he admitted that it took time for him to understand the game of Stephen Curry.

In the beginning, Kerr would often call out Steph for shooting too many three-pointers. Later, he did realize that it is his greatest weapon as it is perhaps the best in the league. But when Kerr learned how to use Stephen Curry on the court, things took an upward turn for the Golden State Warriors. Later, with Steve Kerr as coach and the trio, the Dubs went on to form the modern-day dynasty. 

Warriors Have Faith In Stephen Curry No Matter What

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: CNN

There is a reason why some people call Stephen Curry the greatest shooter in the league. He really did transcend the sport with his three-point shooting genius. No other player can be as good as Curry in terms of three-point shooting. Moreover, Stephen Curry led the Warriors to four NBA titles in eight years. This season, he wants to complete winning five titles in a decade. Moreover, the Dub Nation has complete faith in their talismanic leader.

But in the 2023-24 season, other players are not really helping Curry to win games. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green had a very disappointing start to the season. It is like Steph is fighting alone on the court for the Warriors. Currently, they are the 11th seed of the Western Conference. The GSW are 10-13 at present. No matter what, as long as the Chef is healthy and playing, the Warriors have a shot to make the playoffs.