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The association between Los Angeles Lakers Star LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is not new. The history between the two stars goes back to James\’ Miami Heat days. Wade and LeBron were a formidable duo while playing together for the Miami Heat in the last decade. Now, Wade has retired from professional basketball. But James is still displaying his skill in the twentieth season of his career. Meanwhile, recently, Wade has made remarks about the Lakers forward.

Dwyane Wade Claims LeBron James Is Like A \’Sponge\’

Long before he became one of the best players ever to pick up a basketball, LeBron James\’ scoring prowess had been questioned on several occasions. Even if there is some validity to this claim, he is a player who prefers to pass rather than shoot. LeBron James\’ unrestrained scoring talent is shown by the fact that he is currently on the verge of breaking Kareem Abdul- Jabbar\’s scoring record. 


Back in the past, Dwyane Wade witnessed James\’ legacy firsthand. He has witnessed LeBron\’s legendary career firsthand as both a colleague and a devoted fan watching from the stands. In addition, the Lakers star counts him among his closest pals personally.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

James has climbed one spot to No. 6 with 10,174 on the list of all-time assists. With 37,592 points, he is getting ever closer to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar\’s record of 38,387 points for the most points scored in a single regular season. Meanwhile, recently, Wade talked about LeBron James in a conversation with Sports Illustrated.

Wade said that he occasionally feels as if we are living in the LeBron James period of life during the conversation. According to Dwyane, \”what he [LeBron] has accomplished will make things even better than they are today.\”

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

LeBron James must be the one who has become accustomed to all the criticism that is leveled at him. This man must have a record amount of detractors, but he\’s merely learned to live with them over the years. LeBron is not the kind of person that responds to his critics on social media constantly. He would rather let his game speak for itself. To become the NBA\’s all-time top scorer by the time he retires would be the best possible method to disprove the doubters of his exceptional scoring abilities.

The whole basketball community will be present to witness that historic event, just like Dwyane Wade was. At least not in our lifetimes. We are unlikely to witness anyone surpass the all-time score record. Therefore, it is a true gift that each of us has the opportunity to see this priceless piece of sporting history.

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