Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the most popular franchise in the NBA. Therefore, when the team put up a disappointing performance last year, fans were upset and were hoping for a strong comeback in the 2022 NBA season. However, in the preseason encounters Lakers lost four out of five games. Meanwhile, as the Lakers are heading into the regular season, LeBron James believes the team can\’t waste even one single day. 

LeBron James Wants The Lakers To Do Better!

It will not be an easy task for the Lakers to advance to the postseason. Most analysts agree that the team\’s lack of skill compared to the other clubs on this side of the Mississippi is the main issue. LeBron James has chosen a different topic: consistency, or the lack thereof. Only six players from the Lakers\’ roster from the previous season are back. Including two who didn\’t even have a chance to practice with the club until March. The Lakers only managed one preseason victory this season. Next up for King James and company, who still appears to be a work in progress, is the Opening Night game with the Golden State Warriors.


LeBron James, a great player for the Los Angeles Lakers, spoke with Spectrum SportsNet after the game against the Sacramento Kings. James revealed to the group that he loves the team the Lakers would start the 2022–23 season with. He did, however, note that several of L.A.\’s competitors will gain from roster stability in the upcoming season. As the Purple and Gold seek to create chemistry on the court, every day will count.

James said that his team needs to continue to work. He believes many other teams have been settled for two years. But the Lakers are still finding the right combination. So, they have an opportunity to not get better on a day-to-day basis. LBJ, however, just began a preseason game among two guards with whom he has never played in a regular-season game. And a center with whom he has played just seven games together. Austin Reaves has become LeBron\’s best friend after playing two seasons in a row for the purple and gold.


The good news is that despite having only six returning players, the Lakers had a successful season in 2019–20. The team\’s opening-season schedule was unexpectedly lenient as the new group developed accord. Regardless of how it happened, the fact that they have a brand-new roster for the second year in a row seals their destiny. Whether in practice, walkthroughs, or actual games, improving daily is the only way to catch up to the rest of the West.

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