LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Sky Sports

LeBron James has been representing the Los Angeles Lakers for over five years. It wouldn’t be right to say that the journey has been a total disaster. The all-time leading scorer led the franchise to its 17th NBA Championship success in the 2020 Bubble season. Nonetheless, when an iconic team signs one of the greatest players ever, there are a lot of expectations. Perhaps LBJ, with the LA side, has not lived up to that hype. Lately, rubbing salt in the wound of the Los Angeles franchise, their arch-rivals, the Boston Celtics, surpassed them to win a record 18th NBA Championship.

However, this season was not a total waste for LeBron James and the Lakers, as they won the inaugural ‘In-Season’ tournament. Anyhow, the oldest player in the league always looks to win a title. LBJ would like to draw curtains to his NBA career with winning his fifth ring. Anyhow, the latest reports suggest James might opt out of the final year of his present contract with the Lakers.


Is LeBron James Planning To Leave The Lakers?

LeBron James Jeanie Buss Lakers
LeBron James Jeanie Buss Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

The All-Time Leading Scorer is 39 years old. He has already played 21 seasons in his NBA career. But LeBron James looks still strong enough to play for at least three more years. Lately, there have been rumors that he might opt out of his current Lakers contract. However, that might not mean he wants to leave the Purple and Gold. Moreover, sources around NBA circles believe that the all-time leading scorer might want to finish his career at the LA side. He doesn’t intend to leave the 17-time champions. Brian Windhorst of ESPN mentioned in May that the only reason why LeBron James might opt out is to change the structure of his contract. Perhaps LBJ wants to add a no-trade clause to his contract. They can achieve that in a new contract.

Moreover, the new ‘NBA rules’ don’t allow teams to add a no-trade clause to existing contracts through extensions. Only ten players have managed to add a no-trade clause to their existing contracts in the history of the league. If LeBron James decides to opt out, he will leave around $2.3 million overall when he could have extended his player option. However, the sources, as per Fox News, estimate that the all-time leading scorer will sign a three-year contract worth $162 million. Moreover, the ‘Kid from Akron, Ohio’ might believe sacrificing $2.3 million is worth it if he is able to add the no-trade clause.

The LA Front Office Is Willing To Offer Any Contract Structure That Makes LBJ Happy

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: GQ

According to the new NBA Rules, players beyond the age of 38 can only sign a maximum number of three-year deals. Moreover, the Lakers brass seems to be happy to give LeBron James any contract structure he is looking for in a new deal. However, if the other side of the coin is valid, then the all-time leading scorer might actually look to test his free agency options. If he is looking to explore, then teams like the Philadelphia 76ers will be happy and lucky to land him.

Moreover, they may also have a better cap space than the Lakers. If LBJ joins the Sixers, it will pair him with one of the best players in the current generation, Joel Embiid. However, lately, the Lakers signed JJ Redick as the team’s next head coach. This decision might impress LeBron James. 

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