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LeBron James Sent A Heartfelt Yet Misleading Blessing To Actor Jamie Foxx In HIs Hard Times!

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James sent a heartfelt prayer for his friend in the film industry Jamie Foxx today. Apparently, the famous celebrity Jamie Foxx is suffering from a medical condition due to which he had to be rushed to the hospital. There is no official confirmation or further reports on the matter because the Foxx family wants to keep it under the sheets. However, Jamies’s daughter revealed a few details on social media for everyone to know about their situation. But still, there is no insight into what happened to the multitalented Hollywood star.

When a star sees something fatal, as the Foxx family has seen, there is pressure from everywhere to know further about the situation. The media people hover over the family, and the fans who mean no harm start spamming social media. Therefore his daughter Corrine posted the news on social media to let everyone know about his condition. She even thanked everyone for their prayers and pleaded for privacy from the people. Below you can see what his daughter posted.

LeBron James And Jamie Foxx Go Way Back

The 38-year-old forward has been one of the few stars who posted about Jamie Foxx’s condition. He wrote in a very humble and supportive way to offer his wishes to his friends and family in their tough times. The two stars have been very vocal about each other’s work in the past. They both have a lot of mutual respect among them, which makes them professional friends in the industry. And the tweet that James uploaded clearly indicates how much he cares and wants him to get back to his condition.

Jamie has a clear opinion on the Lakers’ big man, and he has been very outspoken about it in the public. Fox believes that LeBron James is one of the greatest in basketball ever, and he doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. He once said, ” He’s the No.1… He drinks GOAT Milk and eats GOAT cheese. He’s the No. 1. I’ve had it, with all of y’all,” on HBO’s show.

Jamie once came on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and claimed that LeBron James once made him cry. And these tears were of joy when the former champion led them to the championship in 2016. He does not shy away from telling how big of a LeBron fan he has been. The relationship even grew further when the latter joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018.