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LeBron James Reveals His Return Date To Shut Up The Media Sources! Working Out With The Lakers Team!

LeBron James has been out with an injury for almost a month. At 38, he was performing exceedingly well. LeBron James was carrying a not-so-complete team on his shoulders. He kept the hopes alive for the Lakers to make the postseason. Without Anthony Davis, the King had no solid partner to carry the team. But James was doing the best of what he could. Then in February, after the trade deadline was over, the team looked more balanced than ever. Even Anthony Davis returned after an injury sustained in December ruled him out for several games.

It was looking much better when things fell apart again. In a game against the Mavericks on February 26, LeBron James hurt his right foot and even heard a ‘pop’, which might be a sign of a fracture. It was definitely not a good sign for neither James nor the Lakers. Later the fear got to be accurate as LeBron James was ruled out for an uncertain period of time. Initially, the Lakers said that he would be re-evaluated in two to three weeks and would be back in no time.


LeBron James Says He Will Return When He’s Good And Ready

But it has been a couple of days less than a month, and still, there is no sign of LeBron James. Albeit, there have been a lot of sources in the media spreading the rumors that the King will be back next month for a few games in the regular season. There were other speculations saying that he won’t be back before the postseason. And some also said that he might not return for the rest of the year.

LeBron James twitted to put an end to these speculations. The King mentioned that he has been fighting through this challenging phase and is working really hard to return as soon as possible. He gave a hint that these rumors and speculations that have been floating around are baseless. James said he would return on his own terms.

The King Might Have Gone To Germany To Seek Help

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

The latest information on the King’s treatment is that he went to Germany for help. If it is true, James won’t be the first Laker to do so. The late great Kobe Bryant also went there to treat his balky knees. The Lakers are in a delicate situation, with the table getting more exciting with the closing time of the regular season. Only nine games to go, and the LA side is currently the 10th seed of the Western Conference. The Lakers have not done that bad without James winning seven and losing five.

But the problem is they could not maintain a streak, and that really did not let them confirm their position in the top ten yet. However, Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell have helped the team keep their chances alive. Also, the 2021 recruit of the Lakers, Austin Reaves, has proved to be a rising star in NBA. These players carried the team well in the absence of LeBron James. Now, only time will tell if they can get the Lakers to the postseason without the King.