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LeBron James is more than just another player for basketball fans. But for the LA Lakers fans, the man is an emotion. Ever since donning the purple and gold in 2018, he has been a sweetheart for the Lakers fanbase. The Small Forward entered the 20th season of his NBA career in hopes of winning another championship ring with the Lakers. However, with the team\’s performance this year, his dream is slipping away. As a result, rumors started brewing that LeBron James could leave the Lakers. And in current times, his flight might take him to none other than Phoenix Suns.

Is LeBron James Going To The Suns?

For the majority of the 2022 season, Lebron James\’ form has been blow-hot-blow-cold. The star has suffered from more than one fitness issue, including a viral infection and now a groin injury. The Lakers have also struggled badly this season. Out of the thirteen games played, the Lakers have only been victorious in three. 

LeBron James

Apparently, the Phoenix Suns have surfaced above the NBA waters as a prospective destination for LeBron James. Fox Sports commentator Ric Bucher has started the buzz about the potential trade of the top player for the LA Lakers to the Suns\’ franchise. This season, the Phoenix Suns have proven to be a top league team. The Suns have survived all the odds despite having a rough start and losing some key players along the road.

According to an NBA scout, the Phoenix Suns would triumph in the NBA Finals if they pulled off a sensational trade for LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to start the 2022/23 season. While the Phoenix Suns sit fourth in the Western Conference, just one game off of first place.

With Chris Paul and Devin Booker leading the way, the Suns boast an impressive 8-4 record. As trade speculations have started circulating throughout the Lakers organization, the team\’s performance has been terrible as they have slid to a 3-10 record. Even numerous reports suggest that the team could trade Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. And some even wonder if LeBron James might leave the Lakers. The Lakers want to use the four-time NBA MVP\’s twilight years to win more titles. He is now in his 20th season and averaging 24.9 points per game.

LeBron James

Although the Lakers\’ record has spurred such rumors, it is unlikely that they would opt to deal with James without the NBA legend asking for a transfer. One Western Conference scout told Ric Bucher that if James were to be wrangled out of Los Angeles. He believes the Suns would be the best fit for him. For the Lakers to effectively rebuild for the future, Bucher thinks they should think about dealing their stars. He also added that the Lakers should consider trading LeBron and Anthony Davis because they have too many gaps to fill.

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